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How to Sell Refurbished Products on Walmart’s Restored Program

walmart restored elegibility
May 17, 2024 8 mins to read

Refurbished products are becoming more popular among customers.

Almost 94% of customers have acknowledged buying refurbished products within the last three years. Notably, 42% of these individuals chose recycled products due to their preference for sustainable shopping practices.

These statistics show a growing market for refurbished products, making it a promising avenue for sellers.

But how to reach the audience and assure them of high-quality refurbished products?

If this question is eating you alive, then the Walmart Restored Program is your answer.

In this guide, we will dive into the Walmart Restored Program, a valuable resource for selling refurbished products on the Walmart marketplace.

So let’s get started.

A quick glance into the article:

  1. What is Walmart’s Restored Program?
  2. Eligibility Criteria for Walmart Restored Program
  3. Quality Requirements for Walmart Restored Products
  4. Authorized Product Categories within Walmart Restored
  5. Unauthorized Product Categories within Walmart Restored
  6. How to Apply for the Walmart Restored Program
  7. Tips to Consider for Listing Restored Items on Walmart
  8. Can you List Refurbished Products on Walmart if you are Not Accepted into the Walmart Restored Program?
  9. Can you Offer Both Restored and Restored Premium Products for Sale?
  10. How do you find the New Equivalent/Original Product Identifier (UPC/GTIN/Item ID)?
  11. Conclusion

What is Walmart’s Restored Program?

The Walmart Restored and Restored Premium program offers customers a reliable and cost-effective way to purchase renewed and refurbished products with confidence. In this program, products such as smartphones, laptops, and other electronics have been carefully restored to almost new conditions. 

Walmart Restored and Restored Premium are invite-only programs. To qualify, you need to meet specific eligibility criteria set by Walmart. Not only that, your products also need to meet the required quality standards and reliability.

This program provides you with the opportunity to connect with customers seeking good refurbished products, improving your business, and promoting sustainability.

Eligibility Criteria for Walmart Restored Program

To become a part of the Walmart Restored or Restored Premium program, you must meet specific eligibility requirements outlined by Walmart, especially the product quality requirements.  

Here are the critical aspects of eligibility:

  • Above-average seller ratings.
  • Cancel Rate below 2%, 
  • On-Time Delivery Rate higher than 95%, 
  • Valid Tracking Rate above 99%
  • Refund Rate less than 6%
  • Seller Response Rate over 95%.

Note: Before the approval, Walmart will review your account and inventory to make sure you are following all these requirements.

Now, let’s get into the quality requirements

Quality Requirements for Walmart Restored Products

The Walmart Restored and Walmart Restored Premium programs should maintain a high-quality standard for refurbished products. To be eligible for listing in the programs, the following quality requirements must be met:

AspectRestoredRestored Premium
EligibilityOpen to dotcom DSV suppliers in approved categoriesRestricted to manufacturers and manufacturer-authorized sellers and suppliers
Battery Life80% of "like new" equivalent or higher90% of "like new" equivalent or higher
WarrantyNot specifiedMinimum one-year written warranty
Free Returns PeriodAt least 90 daysAt least 30 days

Also, here are other product quality requirements applicable to both programs. They are:

Product Condition

  • Products must work well, be checked by professionals, cleaned, and, if needed, fixed to meet the program’s standards.
  • Products should look almost new with only micro, hard-to-see scratches of 8-12 inches.
  • Items with screens shouldn’t have any scratches.

Technical Condition

  • Items should be in great technical shape, and screens must not have issues like dead pixels or reduced brightness.
  • Products should be reset to their original settings and unlocked for use (if applicable).
  • Products should be updated to the latest software version supported by the manufacturer (if applicable).


  • Include all the accessories that come with a new purchase.
  • Accessories that get used up, like air filters, should be new.
  • Include wall plugs suitable for the region where you’re selling the product.
  • Products with remote controls should work with the device or come with instructions on how to pair them.
  • Include original instruction manuals or links to them online. 

User Data and Packaging

  • Follow Walmart’s rules for packaging and shipping items.
  • Make sure to remove all user data following specific guidelines.
  • Get rid of any personal information or data from previous users of the product

Battery Information:

  • If your shipment has items with lithium batteries and you’re using Walmart Fulfillment Services, you need to be registered with WERCSmart (WERCS).

These guidelines are meant to ensure that the products you sell meet certain quality and safety standards.

Authorized Product Categories within Walmart Restored

Typically, this program authorizes electronic and battery-powered products. While the list is not exhaustive, here are some examples of product categories that are eligible:

  1. Audio equipment: Items like headphones, speakers, and audio equipment that have electronic components.
  2. Computers: It encompasses laptops, desktops, and other computing devices.
  3. Computer hardware: This category includes computer parts and accessories, such as hard drives, graphics cards, and memory modules.
  4. Other electronic devices: These include electronic devices that may not fit into the previous categories, such as cameras, smartwatches, or GPS units.
  5. Indoor home products: Indoor home products, like smart thermostats or home security systems, often have electronic components and are therefore eligible.
  6. Outdoor home products: Outdoor home products like electronic garden equipment or outdoor lighting fixtures can fall under this category.
  7. Appliances: Household appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, and microwave ovens typically have electronic components and are eligible.
  8. Wireless devices: This category covers smartphones, tablets, and Wi-Fi routers that rely on batteries and electronic components.

Additional source: Discover Walmart’s Top 10 Categories and Most Sold Items

Unauthorized Product Categories within Walmart Restored

However, certain product categories are not authorized for the program. These include:

  1. Fashion items: Clothing, footwear, and accessories 
  2. Housewares:  Common household items like kitchenware, dinnerware, and bedding
  3. Toys: Toys don’t require batteries or electronics to function.
  4. Software products: Video games, enterprise software.

Apart from that, any product that doesn’t meet the “Like-New” or “Grade A” quality standard is typically ineligible. 

How to Apply for the Walmart Restored Program

Walmart Restored is an invite-only program. If you wish to participate, please note that it is not open to every seller. 

Here are the steps to apply and enroll:

  1. Click on the Settings button in the top navigation bar and select “Program Management.”
Product Quality Standards for Walmart Restored
  1. On the Walmart Restored program card, click “Apply.” 
is walmart restored good
  1. You’ll be asked to answer eligibility questions on the subsequent page to confirm that you meet the program’s requirements. Once you’ve completed the questions, click “Submit.”
How do I sell on Walmart restored?
  1. If you meet the program’s eligibility criteria and your application is accepted, you will be directed to an acceptance page.
  1. In case your responses do not meet the program’s requirements, your application will be reviewed, and you may be contacted for additional information. Alternatively, you can reach out to your account manager for further assistance.
walmart restored
  1. After confirming your eligibility, review the Terms & Conditions. Then click “Submit.” You also have the option to save and download a copy of the Terms & Conditions for your personal records or future reference.

Following these steps will help you apply and enroll in the Walmart Restored program.

Tips to Consider for Listing Restored Items on Walmart

To ensure a smooth and clear experience for your customers when listing refurbished products on Walmart, follow these best practices:

  1. Utilize distinct product identifiers, such as UPC or GTIN, for your refurbished products intended for sale at Walmart.
  1. It is essential to make it clear that refurbished items differ from new products when listing a model number. A simple method is to add “RB” to the end of the model number. For instance, if the model number for a new product is AB212, you can designate the refurbished product’s model number as AB212RB.
  1. Assign a unique SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) for refurbished products and ensure that it is distinguishable from new items. This helps prevent any confusion between new and refurbished products in your inventory.

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Note: The Walmart Restored program is not open to international sellers. So, sellers outside the United States can’t participate in the Walmart Restore Program.

Can you List Refurbished Products on Walmart if you are Not Accepted into the Walmart Restored Program?

If you’re not accepted into the Walmart Restored Program, or you are an approved seller, but your refurbished items don’t meet the program’s requirements, you should list your items as “Pre-owned” in the product title. If you include “Refurbished” in your product title without being part of the Restored program, your item will not be published on

Can You Offer Both Restored and Restored Premium Products for Sale?

If you have received approval and are enrolled in both programs, you have the flexibility to sell both Restored and Restored Premium products on

How Do You Find the New Equivalent/Original Product Identifier (UPC/GTIN/Item ID)? 

To locate the New Equivalent or Original Product Identifier (UPC/GTIN/Item ID), simply visit the item on and then copy the nine-digit number that appears at the end of the product name after the forward slash (/).

walmart restored program


The Walmart Restored Program presents a unique opportunity to sellers by providing a platform for offering and acquiring high-quality refurbished products.

Understanding the eligibility criteria and how to navigate the program is crucial for those seeking to participate. As the market for refurbished goods continues to grow, the Walmart Restored Program stands as a gateway to sustainable shopping and smart business ventures. 

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