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Every seller out there is striving hard to rank high on Amazon. SellerApp’s SEO tools for Amazon are meticulously designed to equip you with all the data required for a profitable Amazon business, saving dozens of hours spent on mundane SEO tasks.

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A suite of SEO tools on a single platform for advanced optimization

Amazon Keyword Tools

Keyword Tools

Discover the best keywords for your listings and PPC campaigns with our Keyword Research tool, track their performance and competitor keyword performance with the Keyword Tracker, and further enhance their performance with our Keyword Booster tools.

Listing Optimization Tools

Listing Optimization Tools

Analyze the quality of your listings and measure their effectiveness with the listing quality analyzer. Create listings that generate traffic that leads to clicks and conversions.

Organic Keyword Rank Tracking

Organic Keyword Rank Tracking

Track your organic ranking in real-time and make timely improvements and changes to stay on track with your Amazon marketing strategy.

Amazon Keyword Research

Discover the best keywords to perfect your listings and for PPC with SellerApp’s keyword tools. Achieve maximum visibility and increase your conversion rate with our state-of-the-art Amazon SEO tools that scour our database to provide you with the most relevant keywords that have high relevance and low competition.


Stay informed on the relevance score, CPC, search volume, impressions, and estimated orders for a keyword so that you pick only high-converting ones to target.


Achieve better discoverability and visibility by getting indexed for the right keywords and with the use of the right backend search terms.


Find keywords that customers are actually using to look for your products by analyzing the organic search volume and keyword distribution

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Keyword Rank Tracking

Track the performance of your keywords and avoid losing sales for your top keywords. Weed out underperforming keywords and retain the ones that are bringing you clicks and sales. Analyze keywords that are performing well and generating a high conversion rate so that you can improve the organic ranking of your products and boost your Amazon SEO.

SellerApp’s Keyword Rank Tracker gives you information on:


The current position of a keyword in Amazon search results.


Indexing information and page rank for each keyword.


Keyword trends and changes in keyword positions

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Listing Optimization

An optimized listing is a determining factor that converts visitors to buyers within seconds. A well-crafted leads to increased sales which pave the way for a successful Amazon business.

Determine the quality of your listing with the first-ever tool that combines the visibility of the listing and conversion factors into one tool with actionable steps to improve each aspect of your listing. With your competitor aiming for the same positions, ensure you get your product on the top to bag the most sales.


Listing Quality Analysis and Listing Quality Index for a better understanding and planned course of action


Discoverability and Desirability Analysis for every listing to fine-tune it according to what customers are actually looking for.

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World-class support team

SellerApp’s Customer Success team works tirelessly round the clock to provide expert assistance to all our customers. Whether it is for assistance with PPC campaigns or for other aspects of your Amazon business, we’re just a phone call away.


A team of experts to cater to your needs


Personalized onboarding


Bi-weekly reporting and progress check

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Backend Keyword Index Checker

Backend search terms are as important as the primary keywords you enter into your listing. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that they are indexed so that your listings get more visibility and impressions.


Check which backend keywords are indexed and which ones are not.


Identify redundant keywords easily so that you utilize your backend search term space more effectively and reduce wastage.

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Competitor Research

Use the Reverse ASIN tool to uncover competitor keywords that are bringing them the most sales. Leverage the gaps in their SEO strategy by finding keywords that they should be using but aren’t and incorporate them into your listings. You can track multiple sellers’ sales and keyword performance from the dashboard and update your competitor strategy as and when you notice an important change.


SellerApp provides alerts on changes in competitor pricing, listing quality, keyword ranking.


Discover indexed keyword phrases from top-sellers in your category

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The fantastic part is the uptime and support. In the last 4 years we’ve rarely had any issue. The team delivered faster than our expectations, when we extended our requirements the 2nd time. We were up and running within a week.”

Erling Swift, COO


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