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Getting on top of search results can get quite hard, especially with the constant competition and monitoring required. SellerApp’s Amazon SEO tools are designed in a way to equip you with all the data required for a profitable Amazon business, saving dozens of hours spent in mundane SEO tasks.

10+ features on a single platform for any SEO task

Advanced Keyword Tools

For PPC and SEO optimization, powerful and efficient keyword tools that provide you with thorough keyword research and analysis.

Listing Optimization Tools

If you are struggling to enhance your listing quality and get more traffic, use these listing analyzer tool for in-depth listing analysis.

Organic Keyword Rank Tracking

Measure, monitor, and keep track of your Amazon marketing efforts for keyword performance. View Real-time ranking updates.

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Expert Consultation

Our unique platform combined with expert in-house consultation provides a comprehensive look into successful PPC optimization


Amazon Keyword Research

Increasing the discoverability of the listing is the core aspect of a long-term Amazon business strategy. Having the right keywords increases search ranks as well as a shopper’s relevance to your listing.

Leverage keywords from 135 million+ Amazon keyword database to discover and prioritize the top Amazon buyer keywords for your product listing. Sort and filter keywords by the search volume, relevance, CPC costs, and impression rates.

  • Extensive 135 million+ Amazon buyer keywords
  • Key factors like the search volume, relevance, CPC, and impression rate for analyzing the value of a keyword
  • Download and export keyword lists


Keyword Rank Tracking

Monitoring the organic keyword search ranking of your product over time and comparing it with your competitor's search rankings is quite a mundane time-consuming task. SellerApp’s Amazon Keyword Tracker makes it super simple to track your keyword positions real - time.

Track your product's keyword ranking for target keywords in Amazon's organic search results. Get updated data daily and keep a track of the search ranks over a period of time to analyze what marketing strategies are working in your favor and pushing your organic ranks.

  • Keyword Rank Tracking for a period of time
  • Extended metrics like the impression rate to analyze the quality of keyword tracked


Listing Optimization

An optimized listing conveys the product’s branding and quality. An optimized listing converts visitors to buyers within seconds. A converting listing is the key to increased sales in a successful Amazon business.

Determine the quality of your listing with the with the first ever tool to combine the visibility of the listing and conversion factors onto one tool with actionable steps to improve each aspect of your listing. With your competitor just a click away, ensure you bag the sale before he even thinks of clicking on another product.

  • Actionable Listing Quality Analysis and Listing Quality Index
  • Discoverability and Desirability Analysis for every listing


Backend Keyword Index Checker

Backend Keywords are now a much emphasized, critical part of Amazon SEO. Increase your Amazon discoverability by optimized indexing of backend keywords. Analyze the keywords that are indexed for your listing and the ones that are not.

  • Easily evaluate the indexing of Amazon backend keywords
  • Identify repeated keywords and duplicates for optimal space utilization


Competitor Research

Glance the strategies of your competitors and how it's impacting their rankings. Track their sales, keyword ranking and changes in listings to see what’s impacting their business.

Get notified on changes made in your competitor’s listing, repricing strategies, rating changes, and reviews.

  • Analyze the listing quality of competitor listing
  • Extract indexed keyword phrases from top sellers
  • Extract indexed keyword phrases from top sellers


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