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5 Tips To Compete With Local Brands On Amazon Europe

competing with local brands on amazon europe
February 13, 2024 7 mins to read

So, you’ve decided to sell on several Amazon Europe Marketplaces. If you’re serious about making an impact on these markets, you’ll have optimized your listings for each European market.

In this article, we explain how you can maximize your sales and profits on Amazon Europe through local Amazon listing translation. We’ll also share vital Amazon listing optimization tips to help you to grow your European business.

Quick Guide

  1. Why you should sell on Amazon Europe
  2. 5 Useful tips on how to optimize your listings for Amazon Europe
    • Tip 1- Use a localized service to translate your listings
    • Tip 2- Amazon search terms optimization for every country
    • Tip 3- Use A+ content to optimize your listing for Amazon Europe
    • Tip 4- Optimizing images for Amazon in the European Union – Breaking News
    • Tip 5- Localize your video ads
  3. Conclusion

Why You Should Sell On Amazon Europe?

The fast-growing Amazon Europe ecosystem consists of several marketplaces. We’ve listed the European markets below.

  • Amazon UK
  • Amazon Germany
  • Amazon France
  • Amazon Italy
  • Amazon Spain
  • Amazon Netherlands
  • Amazon Sweden
  • Amazon Poland
sell on amazon europe

More than half of all Amazon visits happen in Europe, a third in non-English speaking countries. With this kind of market growth, all effort that you put into Amazon listing translation and optimization will pay dividends.

 The sheer scale of growth in Amazon EU is attracting interest from Amazon sellers across the world. These markets offer sellers the chance to grow their business sales and profit. Yet only those that put in the effort will gain traction in these markets.

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Amazon listings for European markets must go beyond simple translation. The biggest sellers will be those that optimize their listings. 

5 Useful Tips On How To Optimize Your Listings For Amazon Europe

how to optimize your listings for amazon europe

TIP 1 – Use A Localized Service To Translate Your Listings

Culture and language differ. Consider this, a speaker of Castilian Spanish with a background in Spain and one from South or Central America can understand each other linguistically, but is the culture the same?

The cultural disparity could make a big difference to the keywords and phrases that your target market uses to find products and services. Failure to choose the correct keywords is the main reason why many sellers don’t make it on Amazon.

translate your listings using a local translator

When you hire native language speakers to translate your listings into local languages, you derive additional benefits. Only local people are totally immersed in the culture and the language.


They can pick up nuances that others will not. They understand the local people, so they can ensure Amazon keyword optimization, marketing your product where it matters most.

Your aim, as a seller is not just a well-translated listing. You want visitors to your listing to buy your products. So, what you want is a localized listing, not one that has just been translated. A localized listing includes translation and copywriting designed to generate sales. It is tailored to the culture and aims to encourage people to buy the product.

Margin Business employs local people because we know that this is the only way to optimize your listings for Amazon Europe. Our translators are also trained in Amazon optimization techniques.

TIP 2 – Do A Deep Keywords Research For Each Country

It is a mistake to think that you can translate your English keywords and still get good results. You need the best keywords for Amazon listing optimization in each country in which you sell.

conduct keyword research according to the country you sell in.

Keywords are localized. It’s vital that you include appropriate words in your listing and in the back-end search terms or you’ll lose sales.

Complete and effective keyword research involves finding the main terms used in the search for products like yours. Once you have these, you can generate related keywords from the main search terms.

Successful keyword research in the local language is possibly the most important part of the listing. If you fail to identify all the keywords, you will lose sales, because your product won’t show up if the customer uses a keyword that is not in your search terms or listing.

Check out our Amazon keyword research tool to find the most profitable keywords.

It is therefore crucial that you find the right people to localize and assist with your Amazon product listing optimization.

TIP 3 – Create Unique A+ Content For Each Country

Amazon A+ content was created to help Amazon Sellers to design beautiful listings that attract buyers. A+ content allows you to tell the story of your brand and connect with would-be buyers.

a+ content to suit the amazon marketplace you sell in

Use your reviews and feedback to address customer concerns or highlight your product’s best features. A+ content is created separately for each country, so if you do a good job, after a few months of updates, your A+ content will vary from one country to another.

Get creative and design beautiful modules that make an impact. You can also develop descriptions that give buyers all the information that they need. Include charts and images to attract the attention of passing traffic.

TIP 4 – Optimizing Images For Amazon In The European Union

We have excellent news for sellers already present in the EU and for those looking to start. Until now, listings pictures were shared across all the EU and UK marketplaces for each ASIN.

amazon image optimization techniques for the european union

As soon as you typed in the EAN number, Amazon would search for the image for that EAN. The only way you could tailor the image was to add text in multiple languages to reflect the language of the respective country, not the best aesthetic.


Every seller with a brand registry can upload different listing pictures for each country separately. This is the feature we’ve all been waiting for. Some sellers are paying a fortune for the Amazon Selling Partner 360 to get access to this feature.

As of today, Amazon has made no official announcement, only Seller Central’s geeks like us have discovered this option.

To help you to visualize how this can impact your listing see below. Pictures speak louder than words:

We recommended adding eye-catching graphics and text to your additional images to help keep the customer interested in and informed about your product.

Just under half of the online shoppers say that not being able to physically examine a product is the worst part of online shopping. As a highly customer-centric marketplace, Amazon appreciates this.

Although it’s not the same as trying something on, Amazon product images can help shoppers experience a product – and this drives sales.

Providing accurate and detailed product photos can also benefit sellers post-purchase. As shoppers will know precisely what their purchase looks like, they won’t get any nasty surprises upon delivery. This is why localization makes good business sense.

Infographics, informative text, and comparisons or size charts provide important information that may help customers convert, and they will actually know what to expect. 

TIP 5 – Localize Your Video Ads

Amazon allows sellers to create video ads for the Amazon EU market. Yet some sellers have been slow to take up the option. Video offers you a wonderful opportunity to connect with buyers. Why wouldn’t you use it?

use localized sponsored video ads to boost conversions

With video ads you can show your customer how your product works, connecting with them and offering them a more life-like shopping experience.

Your video text and voiceovers must be translated or Amazon will not show them. When it comes to localization, treat your videos the same as your listings.

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In other words, 

Don’t Just Translate, LOCALIZE.

Localizing your video content can play an essential role in converting traffic to sales. This is especially true if images of your product simply don’t make the impression they should.

Videos can also convey to your customer exactly what the product does and doesn’t do. This can reduce the number of negative reviews that your product may receive.

Use video to make your listings stand out from the competition. It’s a sure way to make more sales.

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