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While buying online, reviews are one of the first things you consider before adding a product to the cart. Product reviews matter a lot, to sellers too.

Amazon Reviews

Acc to reports, Amazon reviews impact purchasing decisions for over 93% of consumers.

Whether it is word-to-mouth or online testimonials, reviews are a proof that the product is a good choice. Reviews have a huge impact in driving sales, and can really end up making or breaking your business. Customers do trust and engage with Amazon reviews regularly and the importance of Amazon reviews is that they remain very influential when it comes to making purchasing decisions.

Amazon Prime now has over 65 million prime members globally . For customers, this translates into an ever-improving shopping experience with more reviews and better deals. As an Amazon Seller, you clearly know the importance of reviews. It is plain and simple psychology, when shoppers read impartial and independent positive reviews of a product, they are more likely to buy it

Often it is more likely that an unhappy customer would leave a comment than a happy one. But not all bad reviews affect your business. It mostly depends on the way it is handled. You should aim to respond to any messages you receive from customers within 24 hours and ideally as soon as possible especially bad reviews.

Also note that Amazon Merchants are forbidden from soliciting or paying for Seller Account Amazon reviews. Any sellers who engage in these practices risk having their accounts suspended. Your best bet is to give customers a great shopping experience including product price, clear and informative customer communication and shipping reliability so they want to vouch for you on their own. Happy customers do your best marketing and they do it for free.

As Amazon has banned incentivized reviews there are a few ways you can get genuine and good reviews. You can email your customers and request them to write a review after they purchase your product. If your Amazon business is falling behind due to lack of Amazon reviews, we have some advice for getting Amazon reviews for your product .

On a final note, increasing reviews will certainly help in boosting your Amazon sales and profits, and your business may not be able to generate revenues without them.

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