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“SellerApp’s tools have helped me find a product to sell successfully on Amazon and also optimize my search ranks. What I wanted was an all in one Amazon tool.”

Caroline, Founder of Teeccino

Amazon PPC Management Made Easy

Only 10% of Amazon sellers running PPC say it isn’t a hard task at all.
If you are not yet in the 10%, you must check out SellerApp’s Advanced PPC Management Tools.
SellerApp’s Amazon PPC Management Tool does more than just offering you a platform to perceive your PPC data.


Intelligent suggestions for the keywords in your campaigns. Find keywords that are performing well and remove wasteful keywords that are just eating away your money. SellerApp’s Amazon PPC Management Tools also suggest new keywords


Comprehensive PPC data illustrations. Visualize your Amazon PPC data as graphs and pie charts comparing the impressions, click through, sales and orders for a quick easy to comprehend data to analyze the ad performance.



Eliminate wasted ad spends and set the right bids and budgets. A quick list of negative keywords and zero-percent conversion rate search terms list to uncover major money suckers in your sponsored ad campaigns.


Say hello to time-saving campaign organization. Seamlessly integrated with your Amazon Seller Central Account, you’ll no longer have to download search term reports nor go through spreadsheets of data to analyze campaigns.



With the best Amazon PPC Management tool and Personalized 1:1 Expert Suggestions, you have it all to take your Amazon business to the top. Make more revenue and increase your sales, while you keep winning the competition.


Having a good ACoS goes beyond ad spend divided by total sales. There are a number of factors including the right strategy, proper campaign structure, keyword research, and follow-ups. SellerApp powers you with the data to do all of it efficiently!



Identify the most efficient and profitable factors from your campaign set. You’ll be amazed at how much your campaign could improve just by adjusting your account structure, keywords, and ad bids according to our data-driven insights.


With more than 15 integrated Amazon Seller Tools, Seller App is the only platform you’ll need to boost your Amazon business. Whether you are in the Product Research phase or expanding your sales, SellerApp has it all to efficiently improve your Amazon business


How SellerApp’s Amazon PPC Management Software can help

PPC Campaigns aren’t easy but they are a great way to define the success of your Amazon business. There are two key aspects to a successful Amazon PPC campaign

The Right Strategies - Follow-Up

SellerApp's advanced PPC Management tool combines optimization with analytics to set you up in the success path to ensure your campaigns provide the best ROI possible.

For each of our Amazon PPC users, we help to create a personalized PPC strategy based on the current sales rate and the goals. We then use that strategy and optimize all the factors associated with the product that combines the right keywords, an optimized compelling listing with the tools to produce sales.

Once your campaigns are set in the right direction, we spend time every week to help you test and analyze each and every aspect of the campaign, to ensure that is on the right track while you optimize it for reducing the ACoS, decreasing the ad spends and increasing the returns.

Amazon PPC Management Made Simple

Automated Intelligent PPC Analyzer

Achieve 10 hours of work in less than 30 seconds

Our software has audited over 2000 Amazon PPC campaigns up to date and found that over 78% of campaigns have wasted ad spends and non converting keywords. Most sellers neglect optimizing campaigns because they are too complicated and messy with a lot of data. SellerApp combines human efforts with an intelligent automated software. Together we'll develop your best buyer keywords, campaign strategy, and your winning streak to optimize your campaigns and achieve the best returns.

Advanced Graphical Dashboard with actionable insights.

Tired of managing tons of reports from countless platforms? SellerApp is your one-stop platform for all your Amazon needs and PPC Management. With close to real time Amazon PPC campaign data, you'll never have to build a manual report again. Sortable Search Term Report filters to identify keywords that are performing well while you continually eliminate the bad ones.

Your dashboard will contain specific data insights based out of your PPC data. They include data-driven suggestions and improvements to ensure your campaigns are running like a well-oiled machine.

We think the PPC Analyzer is pretty great, but don’t just take our word for it….
From People who love SellerApp’s Amazon PPC Management Tools

“What took me 12 to 14 hours before only takes 2 to 3 hours now that I’m using SellerApp’s Amazon PPC Analyzer. The PPC Analyzer has allowed us to track, manage, and organize ads in a more efficient way than I ever thought was possible.”