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3 Ways SellerApp Helped Pamela Relaunch Her Product and Bring it to Top of Page One on Amazon while driving traffic and conversions.

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Health & Household - Wellness & Relaxation

SellerApp Objective

Take the product with zero sales history from the bottom to the top of page one. Drive traffic and land conversions.

Amazon Challenges

Despite a rich, creative listing, it was not optimized with the right keywords and as a result, had practically zero visibility.

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Pamela’s product reached the top of page one in the Amazon search results for her main keyword. She also got the prime position for PPC campaigns.


Just like many people out there, Pamela too dreamt of having a business of her own. Inspired by her travels across South-East Asia and the traditional healing remedies she encountered along the way, the mother of two decided to start her venture concentrating on the wellness and relaxation niche. Pamela soon launched her product on Amazon, but after waiting for months to get a sale, she approached SellerApp to assist her brand and make it more prominent among the customers.

Here is how SellerApp helped Pamela create a listing and devise a launch strategy that took her product to the top of page one while putting it on the same level as her other top competitors.

Challenges Faced

Pamela’s decision to sell wooden massage roller resonated very well with her business goals. She launched the product on Amazon in July 2018. However, in the backdrop of high competition, her listing did not get the much-needed traffic initially to drive conversions. It was placed by Amazon’s algorithms deep within the search results, making it impossible for customers to notice her product. In such a scenario, how do you take a product with zero sales and bring it to the top of page one?

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A Deeper Dive

The major challenge we faced was to drive traffic, conversions, and obtain reviews. To get to the crux of the matter, we took a look at Pamela’s product listing and analyzed it to gauge its discoverability and desirability. We also compared the listing with her top-selling competitors in the field to understand what can be done to bring it on par with the best of the best.

We soon identified that her product details page was not optimized with keywords and long-tail search terms that people frequently use to shop for these items. While Pamela made good use of the product description, bullet points, and title sections, she missed out on incorporating the relevant, highly-searched keywords to make her product discoverable.

Without using such phrases and keywords into a listing, it will be impossible to drive traffic, let alone get conversions. With that as a solid foundation, we built our strategy to enhance the product listing and bring it to the top of Amazon search results.

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Our Solution

Keyword Research for an Improved Listing and Sponsored Products Campaign

Our plan to augment the position of Pamela’s product on Amazon was threefold. The first step was to help her gather all the relevant, most searched keywords for her listing. Then, the next stage was to tweak her product details page with these keywords in a manner that is in line with Amazon SEO for better visibility within the search results. Lastly, we used this enhanced listing and keywords to run PPC campaigns on Amazon to build brand awareness and drive those much-needed early sales.

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Keyword Research

Keyword research is among the most important steps while trying to launch a product on Amazon. Here is what our in-house experts who helped Pamela with her business had to say on the matter:

Often, new Amazon sellers make the fundamental error of not optimizing their product listings with relevant, highly searched, top performing keywords. When this happens, their listings get lost within the search results, making it difficult for the customers to notice them. Therefore, every seller on Amazon alike should speak the language of shoppers and understand the type of queries they are using to find your competitors products.

We helped Pamela gather the top, most-searched keywords for her product using our Amazon Keyword Research tool. For a healthy mix, we went after generic keywords with high search volume and the long-tail queries that are accompanied by low competition and higher chances of landing conversions.

We also advised Pamela to research her top competitors and obtained the keywords they were using with the help of our Reverse ASIN feature. This, in turn, helped her build a powerful repository of search terms that the top sellers for her product were targeting in their respective listings.

Armed with this knowledge, we moved on to improve the quality of her product listing.

Instant Keyword Analysis

Listing Optimization

In order to optimize the listing with product-rich keywords, we concentrated on four aspects:

  • Product Title
  • Bullet Points
  • Description
  • Backend Search Terms

Keywords were strategically placed in the first three sections, with extra-emphasis on long-tail queries for better chances of conversions. As these sections are centered more towards the desirability and aesthetics of the product, we also assisted Pamela in highlighting the features and benefits associated with the massage roller. The end result came to be a harmonious blend of rich keywords and a compelling product description.

We also addressed the backend search terms in Pamela’s listing. While these type queries do matter from the perspective of Amazon SEO, there are many sellers who are not sure about how to use this feature to the fullest. We helped Pamela optimize her backend search terms with queries associated with her product, but weren’t included in the main product listing.

With the product listing page now completely optimized, we recommended Pamela to join the Amazon Early Reviewer Program to get the much-required, initial reviews. As and when she starts to get the sales, the program will help her land those early customer testimonials that people often seek before making a purchase.

Instant Listing Quality Check

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

With an improved listing and an exhaustive list of keywords, we guided Pamela in launching Sponsored Products campaign on Amazon, targeting automatic and manual campaigns. This was essential as ads are an excellent way to help take a product off the ground and bring the early sales to get the ball rolling.

Amazon’s algorithms picked up the relevant keywords from the product details page and displayed ads for those search terms. With Pamela’s product slowly becoming more and more observable, we began to see some traffic towards her listing and eventually, those resulted in conversions.


Pamela came to us in December 2018. Within three weeks of joining us, she landed her first sale and hasn’t looked back since then. She gradually started to get an average order of 2-4 units per day. The dramatic improvement in sales history, coupled with running Amazon PPC Campaigns, took her listing from the deep jungles of the Amazon search results to the top of page one.

As of early April 2019, her listing is ranked at the sixth position on page one for her main product keyword. The listing is also getting a prime location in the Sponsored Products campaign for the same keyword.

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Here is what Pamela had to say about us:

Savvy Intelligence

SellerApp has helped me achieve my goal of generating sales for my products. With their help, my product has seen more sales in the last two months than it did in its first six months. Their features and more importantly, their helpful customer success team have exceeded my expectations. I recommend SellerApp to everyone who wants to sell on Amazon but is unsure as to how to go about it.

Pamela Steve

PL Seller

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