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Have you tracked your Amazon competition yet?

Amazon is a bustling marketplace with close to over 20 million sellers on the huge platform. Tracking competitor sellers and keeping a track of the competition helps you reach the top spot and stay there.
While browsing on Amazon, you’ll surely come across interesting products and sellers. It is almost impossible to keep up with the competition by manually tracking sellers. Seller Watch makes this super easy. Track multiple sellers at the same time. Get the complete list of products in their product line. Analyze each product to understand the revenue and sales numbers.
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Looking to do in depth Seller Watch?

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  • Track best sellers for product inspirations
  • Track top sellers to draw inspirations from their product line. Go through the sales estimates, revenue potential, competition intensity to analyze each product. In-depth analysis of each product. Is the product a good bet for my next product launch? How dominant is the competition?

  • Track competitors launching products in your niche
  • Whether you just starting out on Amazon or expanding your product line, competitor tracking is a very important and crucial aspect of selling online. Track sellers who are your direct competitors to analyze and understand their strategies. Stay one step ahead of your competitors.

  • In-depth analysis of the trendsetters in your niche
  • Find an interesting product from the seller you are tracking? Simply track the product. Go through the complete data of the product including the keywords used in the listing, the number of keywords the product ranks the best, the strength of the product listing, FBA fees and more.

  • Multiple data points to analyze each product
  • Automate the process of competitor research. Analyze multiple points like the best seller rank, sales behavior, revenue estimates, and more. Track their every move by setting alerts; product listing optimization alerts, repricing strategies, rating trends and more.

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