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Amazon Seller Watch

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We empower you with the data and tools to effortlessly analyze the top sellers and competitors to optimize your Amazon sales and business strategies.

Automate your Amazon Profit Calculations

Easy Tracking

Input the Seller ID of your competitor and Seller Watch automatically tracks the entire product line for you.

Unequaled Accuracy

We sync real-time data from the Amazon marketplace to provide you with the best competitive intelligence.

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Our unique data backed analytics combined with expert in-house consultation ensures you are constantly one step ahead of others.

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Automatically Track the Seller’s Entire Product Line

Knowing your competition has never been easier. Seller Watch’s world-class engine gathers competitive data to provide intelligence on time, every time.

Track the sales, revenue data of your competitors automatically. Track a seller and Seller Watch automatically tracks their entire product line, sales, and business metrics to analyze the products in their product line.

Find an interesting product from the seller you are tracking? We also provide you with the potential to track all the activity on happening on your competitors' store - ranging from price change to sales or new product additions to increase in traffic or new reviews.


In-depth Analysis of the Trendsetters In Your Niche

Want to know how well the competitor products are doing in the market? Input their products to the Product Tracker to view a 360° overview of the products - their day to day sales, revenue estimates, their listing strategies, the keywords in the listing with all the points to analyze and comprehend your competitors’ product.

Use the data-backed insights to forecast the likelihood of a product becoming a best seller in the future.


Discover best selling product ideas from competitors

Keeping an eye on the top competitors. Not only monitor their strategic plans - but you also keep a track of their product additions.

If you are looking for the sweet spot of high demand with low competition, it's not always easy! It requires thorough research of metrics - demand from buyers and competitors whom you can outrun and perform reasonably better. Why not pick up best-selling products from your competitors? Just track a best seller, and look through their product line!


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“The intensive usage of Competitor Analysis on SellerApp allows us to analyze the key points of our top competitors to better monitor & keep track of their strategies to make decisions for our growth.”

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Pete Smith,

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Efficiently manage your Amazon Inventory while tracking the exact true profits and spends
Optimize your Amazon ranks with real-time keyword rank tracking to increase page ranks and in turn the sales. Sell more with better search visibility.
Intelligent PPC optimization tools for the best sales and profits. Increase your ROI while reducing spends.

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Frequently asked questions

There are quite a number of benefits Amazon sellers could gain by competitor analysis. Sellers can make more precise decisions and changes in the marketing decisions, ensure that they are using the right keywords, choose the right pricing, optimize their PPC campaigns and get a better hand on the performance and profit tracking. Competitor research could also help you uncover hidden products with huge sales potential.

Amazon sellers often don't know exactly who their direct competitors are. The quickest and the easiest way to determine your direct competitors is to search for your most important product keywords in Amazon. a. Your current competitors are those sellers whose listings organically appear at the top of the search results. b. Click on SellerApp Chrome Extension to extract the sales data, then double click on the sales/day to find the top sellers.

Sales/ profit depend on a range of factors including the Search Visibility, Listing Optimization, amongst others. Search Visibility is those aspects that decide how easy it is for a potential customer to reach your product. It includes keywords, search ranks, ads, and other marketing aspects. Listing Optimization involves every aspect that decides the conversion of your listing, including the pricing, review, images. With Seller Watch and the other features on SellerApp you can analyze your competitors' products and draw conclusions to better your product sales.

We currently support the Amazon US and Au marketplace. We are moving to other marketplaces soon. Please drop us a line, if you’d like to get notified once we support the marketplace you are interested.

Absolutely. Get in touch with us, you could either talk to us or drop us a line with your requirements and someone from our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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