Optimize your portfolio for better returns

Quicken your product research as you filter through targeted results that perfectly meet your criteria. With our accurate data and sales estimates, make informed product decisions for better results that fit your soaring business aspirations.
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Optimize your portfolio

Portfolio dashboard

Probe your profits and sales all at one place. Integrated with your Seller Central Account to instantly track your revenue and inventory levels.

  • Comprehend sales data for different time
  • Real-time sale updates to keep a tab on inventory levels
  • Get faster business insights with easy graphical representation

amazon prodct intelligence

Product sourcing

Attain maximum profits by choosing the right manufacturer. Mine and analyze 100’s of opportunities to locate the best suited manufacturer for your Amazon product.

  • Analyze verified, legitimate and trustworthy manufacturers simultaneously
  • Powerful filtering and sorting options to factor in customized costs and trustworthy suppliers
  • Compare multiple sourcing options with the prices and links of all the manufacturers of a product.

sellerapp product sourcing

Index checker

Optimize your backend keywords. Increase your Amazon discoverability by ranking high for product keywords. Check the indexing of backend search terms.

  • Check if your product is indexed for all your major target keywords.
  • Identify the terms Amazon considers to be relevant to your product.
  • Easily identify non indexed keywords. Optimize them to rank higher for long tail keywords.

amazon index

PPC analyzer

No more money wasted on AdSpends. Optimized Ad Campaigns without the headache of scurrying through Search Term reports.

  • Increase clicks by locating high performing automatic keywords to convert them into manual campaigns
  • Optimize keyword bids by tracking the performance of your PPC metrics
  • Reduce PPC spends by easily identifying negative keywords

sellerapp ppc


Stay proactive. Watch your own listing at the same time keep an eye on competitor listings. With our alert tool, track key areas of your Amazon business without any hassle.

  • Customizable alerts to suit your Amazon strategies
  • Stay informed on even the slightest amends and changes to your listing.
  • Get notified immediately on repricing strategies and modifications by competitor sellers and their listings.

competitor alerts


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