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Empower your ecommerce agency with SellerApp’s all-in-one solution. Elevate your client’s brands with brands through a suite of powerful features such as Ads Automation, Advanced Reporting, Business Monitoring, and Account Auditing.

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How it works

Agency Onboarding

  • Personalized training with zero client downtime.
  • Client account audit and strategic account success framework.
  • Bespoke courses and materials for your team and the unique needs of your clients.

Ongoing Support

  • Regular business and strategy reviews.
  • VIP Support via Email/Call and Slack Channel
  • Dedicated Data Strategist for your agency.

Acceleration and Optimization

  • Opportunities for collaboration on the SellerApp product roadmap.
  • Co-marketing opportunities.
  • Listing on our preferred agency network.

Here’s What To Expect


Ads Automation

Optimize and improve your client's campaign performance with SellerApp’s Automation features. Create rules to achieve specific campaign objectives such as identifying new keywords, eliminating wasted clicks, or reducing the ACoS.


Advanced Reporting

Track your client’s brand reports with our Market Research Reports, Client Data Reports, ASIN SUPA Reports, Revenue Analysis, and lastly New Product Development reports. These essential reports can give you all the key details to guide your clients toward success.


Business Monitoring

Get detailed business reports covering Share of Voice (SOV) analysis, Keyword analysis, Assortment analysis, and B2B reports— providing valuable insights into your business's strengths and areas for improvement.


Account Auditing

Get an up-close look at how your client’s products are presented online, including unit session percentage, listings, keywords, A+ content, pricing, and how customers interact through reviews and Q&A. Gain insights into your overall brand engagement and much more.

SellerApp Empowers Growth-Focused Agencies

Advertising Automation

Advanced Reports

Business Monitoring

Account Audits

Automation Rules

Identify new keywords, save money, enhance ROAS or achieve other campaign-specific objectives with our rule templates or with your custom rule.

AI Automation

Set an account level target ACoS, budget, and other metrics and SellerApp’s AI will choose the perfect automation rule for each campaign.

M/L Recommendations

Improve overall advertising effectiveness and efficiency by implementing our AI recommendations across various aspects of your account.

Intelligent Insights

SellerApp’s Advertising Automation feature offer Intelligent insights that helps you optimize and improve your overall advertising process.

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Reach The Right Customers At The Right Time

Make your ads more effective with SellerApp's Dayparting feature. Get complete control over the advertising budget – easily allocate it every hour of the day and help your clients grow their businesses.

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Speed Up Decision-making With Granular Insights & Faster Adoption

Effortlessly integrate all business data from your clients’ repositories and get instant access to critical insights in a digestible format using Google Data Studio. Use it to understand keyword and product-level performance, analyze campaign data, and devise growth strategies for your clients.

Unlike Seller Central, SellerApp stores your data for more than 60 days, empowering you to make informed decisions with ease.

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"We encountered numerous challenges while searching for the ideal solution to enhance our ecommerce agency's performance. When we discovered SellerApp, it was a game-changer. Their platform for ecommerce agencies addressed our pain points effectively, offering solutions to optimize campaigns effortlessly, gain a competitive edge, and deliver impressive ROI for our clients. SellerApp has transformed our journey to Amazon advertising success, providing the ultimate solution we needed to overcome hurdles and achieve unprecedented levels of success."

- A1 Agency


Save Time & Boost Efficiency With Bulk Actions

Don't let campaign management overwhelm you. With our Amazon PPC platform agencies, you can create, edit, and optimize multiple campaigns at once. Free up your time with bulk actions, and focus on your core business activities as your agency grows.

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Advanced Market Intelligence To Beat Competition

Perform extensive product and market analysis, track competitor strategies, and understand changing market trends. Leverage SellerApp’s AI-powered product intelligence tool to understand sales patterns, assess pricing dynamics, and make data-driven decisions to outperform competitors and dominate your niche.

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Manage Multiple Accounts & Ensure Client Satisfaction

Effortlessly handle all your client’s accounts in one centralized location with SellerApp’s ecommerce agency software. Let efficient data reporting be your positive client feedback and help you win over new clients and retain existing clients. Empower your team to prioritize accounts, products, keywords, and campaigns that need attention.

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