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Amazon Product keywords list

Product Keyword probes several dimensions concurrently


Active Amazon ASINs


Customer Search Terms


Keyword Data Points

The smart Amazon Product Keywords algorithm probes through the most related ASINs to pull out highly relevant keywords to provide exponential advantage to your product listing.

Determine the main product keywords to target

Reliable & Accurate

Integrated real time from large set of active Amazon ASINs for faster, real time decision making

In-depth Data

Relevant data points to target the most important product keywords - volume, cpc, relevance, and more

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Determine the Most Important Keywords for Organic & PPC Targeting

It's quite a known fact that keywords are the most important for your Amazon business. Where and how you use them in your listing copy determines how Amazon decides the relevancy of the keyword for your product.

It is imperative you know very single keyword that is highly relevant to your product - important keywords that you know will lead to a sale. Neglecting even one keyword in your listing copy could affect your sales by huge numbers.

Simply identify your product ASIN and the Product Keyword algorithm scouts through the ASIN cloud to investigate the relevant ASINs based on the context and relevance to pick up all the keywords that are critical for your Amazon business.


Scout through your Competitor's Main Product Keywords

To identify your competitor’s main keywords, simply track the ASIN, the algorithm works the rest for you. Product Keywords analyzes the ASIN to list all your competitors' keywords, the ones that they are indexed for. From the keyword list, choose the most profitable keywords you're not already ranking for.

Through a complex prioritization process, Product Keywords determines the most important keywords in your competitor’s ASIN listing. Scour through the list to see which keywords could give you the most advantage and add them to your own campaigns or even your listing.


Keyword Intelligence with all the key data points

From long tail keywords to you main keywords, Product Keywords gives you hundreds of keyword suggestions and all the data points to identify the value of the keyword.

Based on the context and relevance of the keywords to the ASIN, Product Keywords extends key data points like the monthly search volume, the relevance of the keyword to the ASIN, and the CPC cost, even where the keywords are indexed from so you can easily find the right keywords for your product.


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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the advantage of Product Keywords ?

    Product Keywords identifies the main & secondary keywords for an ASIN, enabling you to identify if you are targeting the right search terms in the right order. If you are using a competitor ASIN to identify the ASINs Amazon Product Keywords, the keyword list throws light into the search terms targeted by your competitor. Research and prioritize this list of keywords to identify and target the keywords you are unaware of.

  • What marketplaces does Product keyword support ?

  • How accurate is the data?

  • How often is the keyword data refreshed?

  • Can I see a trial demo of the entire platform ?

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