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Are you using the right keywords in your listing?

Get quality traffic and to reach a more targeted audience with Product Keywords. Get noticed amongst shoppers who intend to buy in your product category
Shoppers on Amazon ‘search’ rather than scrolling for products. Including keywords with high search volume and the right buyer intent not only increases the search rank but also drive sales. Keywords play the most important role in bringing sales. Keywords decide your share of profits and the number of units you sell per day.
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Are your keywords fine tuned for Amazon search?

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  • Boost your organic ranks as well as paid ads
  • Discover Amazon Keywords that can get you a top spot in organic ranks as well commercial keywords to optimize your Amazon ads and to get sale driving clicks. Products with high search ranks as well as top ad spots sell better compared to products on the second page of Amazon. More sales mean more profits!

  • Profitable Buyer Keyword Suggestions
  • Increase your search ranks by including keywords that are trending and commonly used by Amazon shoppers. Other than extracting the top keywords in your listing, Product Keywords also suggests Amazon auto-suggested keywords and trending keywords that can be a profitable addition to your listing.

  • Competitor Keyword Lookup
  • Understand the keywords that you and your competitor’s rank for. With SellerApp’s Product Keywords, uncover the sales bringing keywords and the keywords which shoppers use to discover products in your niche. Use Product keywords to pull out all the keywords in your product listing or simply run a competitor research by typing in the ASIN.

  • ASIN specific keywords
  • Product Keywords helps you discover the keywords of every Amazon ASIN. Also export the product keywords along with the search volume, average CPC, the section where the keyword is used and more. Product keywords also provides ASIN-specific Amazon keyword suggestions that can be profitable additions to your product listing.

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