Welcome 2022! Limited 50% OFF on SellerApp Professional Plan.
Welcome 2022! Limited 50% OFF on SellerApp Professional Plan.


Monitor your Critical Business Metrics 24/7

Smart real time alerts to keep you notified of critical changes that could affect your sales.

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product alerts for amazon sellers

Make a measurable impact on your Amazon Business


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Monitor your Amazon Sales, profits and Inventory from inside SellerApp, to get the actionable insights and metrics for your Amazon business.

Automate your Amazon Profit Calculations

Expert Monitoring

Your listings are monitored even while you are asleep. Get notified for even the slighest change that could affect your business.

Real Time Alerts

We notify you as soon Amazon makes a change in your listing or if a competitor changes something.

Expert consultation

We are here to help. Our Amazon experts help you in every step of your way to ensure your success.

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Monitor Hijackers 24/7 to protect your Brand

Worried of hijackers stealing your sales? ASIN piggybacking - the legally approved Amazon business strategy could prove to be a dirty play for a private labeller, or even a big brand. Protect the trust you’ve built for your band by constantly monitoring your listing for hijackers and cheap knockoffs.

Don’t let counterfeit and fraudsters steal your Amazon sales and hamper the brand trust build on Amazon. Get notified the very instant a hijacker attacks your listing.

amazon seller hijacker alerts

Track Defects and Changes in Amazon Listing Quality

Even if you are a big brand, the quality of your listing decides if your product qualifies for a buy.

SellerApp’s Listing Quality Alert tracks the critical parts of your listing to notify you each time there is a variation in the Listing Quality Index, SellerApp’s in-house listing analysis score. A small change as the indexing of your main keyword or critical ones like Amazon silently taking down your best selling listing - SellerApp keeps you informed of all these changes.

Even track the changes in your competitors’ listings!

amazon seller competition notify

Track your feedback to take immediate actions

Do negative reviews bother you ? The latest negative feedback could have the most impact on your sales. While reviews are hard to get on Amazon, the biggest fear is negative feedback which could affect your sales, and even the buybox.

Get instant notifications on every product review. SellerApp’s Alerts notify you each time there is feedback, for sellers to instantly react when there are damaging negative feedback that could affect your sales. Stop checking for new reviews manually, instead focus on reacting to them.

amazon competitor pricing alert

Keep Informed of your Competitors’ Pricing Strategy

Worried if you are losing your sales due to your competitors' pricing changes? With the influx in the seller crowd, competitive pricing is crucial to winning the Buy Box. Constantly monitoring the pricing strategies of your competitors' becomes critical when your listing is hijacked.

alert for amazon buy box

BuyBox Alerts

Monitor sellers you are losing the buybox to and the reason you are losing it, while keeping a track of their pricing strategies.

Identify the products you could lose the buybox due to the inventory levels. Get notified instantly when you lose the buy-box.

amazon inventory alert notification

Inventory Alerts

Low Inventory levels can shadow your Amazon listing to a level where no one can reach your listing even if they wanted to.

Data backed insights to smartly restock your product levels and how many units to reorder, based on the product demand and sales velocity. SellerApp’s Amazon Inventory alerts notifies you to reorder your products at the right time to prevent a stock out. No more sales lost due to stock offs

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Do you still manually monitor your business metrics ?

Stay Proactive. Handle the issue before it affects your sales

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A complete suite of Amazon tools to seamlessly sprint your growth to success. Say goodbye to scattered Amazon tools to unite your efforts to boost your Amazon sales.

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Your Success Is Ours

When it comes to your success no other platform can match SellerApp’s focus and commitment. We take every measure to add value to your e-commerce enterprise.

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Our in-house experts will support you at every step of the selling journey. Our consultants will help define your strategies and fix what isn’t working for your Amazon business.

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Get used to around-the-clock support from our world-class customer success team. The solution to your e-commerce problems is just one email or phone call away.

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Keep up with the latest seller trends and upskill with training resources crafted for you and your team.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why do I need to set up product alerts on Amazon to monitor my listings?

    Setting up Amazon alerts serve as a security system - a loss prevention system. Given that Amazon is an extremely competitive marketplace, there are hundreds of sellers who join the marketplace who could steal your sales potential. If someone sells under your ASIN, a counterfeit of your brand even a fraction of cent below your price, you lose the buy box within a fraction a second. This strategy could make thousands of dollars in seconds. Without it, you could lose just as much.

  • Can I add more functionalities to the SellerApp product alerts?

  • I m currently the only seller. I have no competition. Do I still need to set up alerts?

  • How quickly are violations detected eg. hijackers on my listing?

  • What Amazon marketplaces are supported?

  • Is my data secure? How safe is my account?

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