Product Alerts

Stay pro-active. Outrank the Amazon competition.

Set alerts to stay proactive. Monitor the Amazon marketplace for updates on the sellers and products on your watch list. Efficiently track their every move without the hassle of analyzing the product listing or the seller. Set alerts and receive notifications on various parameters like the pricing changes, inventory levels, rating trends, listing quality changes, not only on your products but on your competitors as well.
  • Spy competitors. Track their key strategies.
  • Track competitor products and receive notification on their every move. Did they change their price above or below a certain threshold ? Did their listing quality improve? Get notified on the repricing strategies, listing improvements and rating alerts of competitor products. Work on your Amazon strategies at the same pace as your competitors to keep up with the competition.

  • Constantly track and improve your Amazon strategies.
  • Succeed on Amazon by improving customer satisfaction and the search engine optimization. Did a customer rate you lesser on Amazon? Get notified to respond immediately. Did your listing quality index drop? Keep track of all the key metrics to optimize your Amazon business and to sell better.

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  • Listing improvement alerts
  • Did a competitor seller improve his product listing ? Receive notifications each time the listing quality index of your competitor product goes up. Similarly set up listing alerts for your product to ensure that your listing quality is always the same and does not go down.

  • Repricing alerts
  • Keep track the repricing strategies of your competitor products. Set a price drop or a price hike alert. Get email notifications each time the product is repriced.

  • Inventory Alerts
  • Avoid stock outs with SellerApp's smart inventory monitoring. Set reminders and get notified whenever your inventory reaches a certain threshold. SellerApp directly monitor the sales and orders from your Amazon account.

  • Rating alerts
  • Get notified each time a customer leaves a rating less than your current rating levels. Reach out to them at the earliest to understand what went wrong and to improve better on your next sale.

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