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Get real-time alerts and notifications 24*7 on every single aspect of your Amazon business and cut down precious time spent on routine tasks with our automation features.


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Monitor your Critical Business Metrics 24/7

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Save time and effort spent periodically on monitoring key business metrics

Get instant alerts and emails when there is a change to one of your products or your entire Amazon account. Get the right data you need to stay on track. Take swift action to restore or rectify your position and reputation in the marketplace.

amazon business alerts


Take action immediately before it causes a huge impact on your business.

Set Amazon alerts with SellerApp. Receive notifications on various parameters like price, inventory, Buy Box, ratings, negative reviews, listing quality index, revenue, and order not only on your products but also on your competitors’ - All using a single platform.

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Keep a close eye on your competition

Respond to competitors’ changes immediately.

As a brand owner, it can be difficult to monitor who's selling your products and at what prices. Use our automated alerts system to simplify the process. Get alerts whenever prices or any other metrics reach the thresholds you set.

amazon listing monitoring


Effectively manage negative reviews and ratings

Amazon is famously customer-centric and expects the same out of sellers. Improve conversions and customer satisfaction by streamlining your customer feedback process.

Set alerts for negative reviews so you can quickly respond to every single one and not let it reduce your sales. Use our predefined filters by star rating so you can respond to negative rating based on priority.


Key highlights

  • Price Alert

  • Inventory Alert

  • Listing Quality Alert

  • Hijacker Alert

  • Budget Alert

amazon price alerts

SellerApp Business Alerts to maximize productivity

A complete suite of Amazon seller notifications to seamlessly sprint your growth to success by keeping you informed on every change that is crucial to your business.

Become a dynamic seller by eliminating manual monitoring of your business metrics and staying updated by the minute so you can take actionable steps to scale your business.

  • Enable specific alerts and set conditions: Choose which alerts you want to get notified for and define the condition for which you would like to trigger an alert. This includes all of the listings you want to track any and all changes for.
  • High level of customization: We let you fine-tune your Amazon product listing, Buy Box, hijacker, product review alerts, and more by using predefined filters and preferences that best suit your elaborate business needs.
  • Set a contact list: Make a list of persons you deem fit to timely handle the activities of your business. You can then enter a list of the email addresses and other contact details of these individuals to whom you would like all the alerts and notifications to be sent to.

Frequently Asked Questions

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