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SellerApp unites all the features you’ll ever need to successfully run an Amazon business. Our data analytics platform combined with the support and expert consultation will set you up in the winning path.

A suite of Amazon Tools for success

PPC Optimization

Automate your PPC efforts for better Sales with Reduced Spends.

Profit Analysis Dashboard

Real- Time Amazon Sales and Profit Tracking for In-depth Analysis.

Competition Monitoring

Robust Competitor Tracking for Intelligent Competitor Insights.

Amazon Analytics Tools

Discover Profitable Products and Keywords with Real-Time Tracking.

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Discover Top Amazon Buyer Keywords

Get hundreds of buyer keyword suggestions from our Amazon keyword database. Discover the best keywords with key metrics like the search volume, competition, impression trends, and CPC rates.

Competitor Keyword Intelligence - You can even search keywords by ASIN - find keywords from top sellers and competitors’ listings at the click of a button. Important keyword metrics help an Amazon seller analyze whether a keyword is worth targeting for both SEO and PPC.

analytic tools for amazon sellers

Comprehensive Listing Quality Analysis

The only tool in the industry to analyze the discoverability - SEO best practices, along with the desirability ensures your listing is visible to shoppers while having the best conversion factors.

With the LQI analysis, powered by our proprietary listing analysis algorithm, listing optimization is broken down to easy steps. Strengthen the quality of your listing with a detailed listing quality analysis. With recommendations based on Amazon best practices, optimizing your listing couldn’t get easier.

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Efficiently Optimize Amazon PPC Ads

Reduce ACoS while improving your Amazon PPC profits. With our PPC algorithms highlighting the good and bad of your campaigns, optimizing campaigns are as easy as the click of a button.

Keyword Insights - Intelligent Insights from our smart PPC algorithms. Make more PPC profits by bidding on your top PPC keywords while you constantly reduce your ACoS and ad spends by marking negative keywords that are just eating money

Custom Automation - Set rules to automate your PPC optimization. Automate your bidding process, negative keyword matching for keywords unnecessarily draining your ad spends.

free amazon data analytic software

Fully Automated Real-Time Profit Tracking

Comprehensive Profit and Inventory Tracking. Intelligently double up your efforts on products that are working the best. Amazon Seller Central Analysis details at your fingertips.

Real-time data tracking and SKU level sales and profit insights. The profit dashboard highlights the top level information, with easy access to every tiny detail that impacts your Amazon profits. Comprehensive easy to read data graphs make it super easy to grasp insights.


Effectively Monitor Your Amazon Competition

With the influx in the number of Amazon sellers more than ever, increasing the profit revenue is getting trickier each day. Tracking your Amazon competition could be quite a mundane task with the ever-changing metrics in Amazon landscape.

Extract every possible data from the top sellers of niche and your direct competitors - keywords used in the listing, identify the top ranking keyword phrases, listing quality, along with product intelligence like sales and revenue estimates.

Set up custom notifications to get alerted on every small change your competitor makes - Listing quality alerts, BSR alerts, rating alerts, price alerts and more to keep you in the competitive track.

amazon seller competitor analysis

Find Best Selling Amazon Products

35 million+ Amazon Product Database along with comprehensive data filters helps you zero down to the most profitable product within a few clicks. Understand the profitability of the product with data metrics like sales and revenue estimates, product opportunity score, review and rating trends.

Draw inspirations from best-selling products, current market trends, new product releases, and even the most wish-listed products to narrow down to your winning product.

Real-time product data with the Chrome Extension - Accurately validate product and sales data as you browse through Amazon pages to track down the product that sells the best. With competitor research packed into the Chrome Extension, it powers you with the data with just a couple of clicks.

amazon seller central analysis

Track Amazon Keywords Ranking Real-Time

Gauging the progress of your Amazon marketing efforts are detrimental in improving your search products - the sole factor contributing to effective sales. Top Amazon ranks mean the best sales. However, keyword rank tracking could get quite tedious with the constant monitoring required - forget maintaining daily records!

With real-time data tracking and easy to read historic rank tracking, SellerApp’s Keyword Tracking tool cuts down the manual efforts in data tracking.

amazon seller analyze

We think our Amazon Seller Analytics are the best in the industry. You don’t need to take our word for it though…

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“What took me 12 to 14 hours before only takes 2 to 3 hours now that I’m using SellerApp’s Amazon PPC Analyzer. The PPC Analyzer has allowed us to track, manage, and organize ads in a more efficient way than I ever thought was possible.”

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When it comes to your success no other platform can match SellerApp’s focus and commitment. We take every measure to add value to your e-commerce enterprise.

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