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Amazon product Mistakes to avoid while selling on Amazon marketplace

Whether you are selling a new category of product or reselling an existing one, Amazon product research is essential to boost sale. Amazon is a marketplace that allows sellers to sell different category of items. With thousands of product categories in place, it could be difficult to find the best category for each product. Amazon product research is simple, you need to find the product with the highest demand and limited competition and with enough profit margin. If proper research is not done, it would be difficult to analyze the current market situation.

amazon research

Pitching for the lowest price

Amazon product research would help you find the competitive prices of each product. The major mistakes done by new sellers on Amazon is to rate their prices lower than the competitors which can backfire. As a new seller, you may not be aware of how your competitors source a product and their profit margin. You cannot compete on Amazon by pricing your products at the lowest rate.

On the other hand, pricing your products at lowest price may create a bad impression on the customers. Do not give them a chance to think low price equals low quality.

Do not ignore the Amazon fee

When you fix the profit margin, you need to consider the Amazon fee. The Amazon fee may come as a surprising factor to most of the new sellers. The sellers must use the Fee calculator provided by seller central to estimate the accurate Amazon fee.

Improving the product quality

Amazon is a competitive platform and improving the quality of the product based on the feedback is essential. Amazon product research would help you know top selling products in each category. It is essential to read the customer reviews and improve the standard of similar products. If you are trying to sell a product that’s in huge demand, you need to make sure you improvise the quality and meet the expectations of the client.

If you are a new seller, do a complete Amazon product research before you decide to upload your products online. A complete understanding of the marketplace will help you make maximum profit.

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