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Product Research Features

35 Million+

Extensive Product Database

300 Million

Data points analyzed Each day

Our efficient in-house learning algorithms predicting learnings that make Product Research a data-based yet easy task, it couldn’t get any better!

Intelligence to set you apart from the crowd

Advanced Product Intelligence

Launch successful products with the Intelligence that could set you apart from the crowd.

Competitor Data Analysis

Gain insights from the top sellers and direct competitors to optimize your Amazon sales and profits.

Real-Time Chrome Extension

Analyze Products within clicks as you browse through Amazon at the ease of your Chrome Browser.

Expert Consultation

Our unique platform combined with expert in-house consultation provides a comprehensive look into successful PPC optimization.

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Product Opportunity Score

Sell Metric, our in-house machine learning algorithm processes over 300 million data points every day to predict the product opportunity score for any Amazon product. The most useful data for your Amazon business uncovered in within seconds.

The unmatched accuracy of Sell Metric means better product ideas and better kickstart to your Amazon business. With 5 critical components to establish the opportunity score of any product - the Market Competition, Product Demand, Profit Margin, Current Product Quality, and the Expenses, accomplish accurate analysis of any Amazon product.

Using the combined power of powerful data analysis, and machine learning, Sell Metric accomplishes in a single click what it would take you weeks you accomplish!

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Extensive Product Database

Tap profitable unpenetrated product opportunities, with the best profits and least competition. Discover the best Amazon products sure of winning a sale from our Amazon product database, that has been helping hundreds of Amazon sellers launch their first product and even expand their product line for the best profits.

Built on real-time and historical Amazon data, our extensive product database holds over 35 million + Amazon products with comprehensive data insights like the BSR, review, rating, the number of sellers, pricing history, sales, and revenue estimates. With trustable information and data points, product research couldn’t get easier.

With curated filters to identify products with the best profits, maximal sales and minimum competition, discover products that will elevate your Amazon business.

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Comprehensive Data Filters

With thousands of Amazon product opportunities, picking the right product is often a tiring task. SellerApp makes this easy with its quick data filters to quickly discover that amazing best selling product idea.

Pre-filtered products with the best selling opportunity. Find Trending Products based on latest market trends, Niche Products based on category preference and Bundling Ideas smart way to increase your product line. Use the power of smart data filters to streamline your research - find products that cater to your specific needs.


Best Selling Product Ideas

Drill down to the top-selling Amazon products to discover opportunities and ideas from products with a proven track record.

SellerApp’s Product Ideas picks up best-selling products that are currently ruling the Amazon marketplace - new product releases, current market trends. Even the most wishlisted products and gifted items on Amazon.

Integrated with the most accurate Amazon sales and revenue estimates, along with dimension calculations, the products are ready to analyze. Coupled with the best tools for competitor research, SellerApp is your one-stop shop for your Amazon needs.


Real-Time Chrome Extension

Bridge the gap between data and analysis with the powerful SellerApp Amazon Chrome Extension. With real time data metrics at every click, validate products and niches as you browse through the Amazon pages.

The SellerApp Chrome Extension gathers critical data points in every Amazon page. With every view of the product page, SellerApp’s Chrome Extension projects real-time data.

A combination of product intelligence along with competitor research makes SellerApp, the only of its kind. Keep a real-time track of keyword rankings, dig up competitor keywords and even power up your Amazon Product research with accurate real-time sales estimates and profit calculation.


Competitor Product Intelligence

Discover the secrets that lead the path between your competitors' profit and loss of crucial development. In the Amazon landscape, sellers are at war – fighting to gain the same resource: the customer. And like in a real war, it is necessary to understand the enemy - the top sellers, the direct competitors. Competitive intelligence provides the insights you need to gain the advantage in your category as well as the vital answers for the success and growth of your brand.

SellerApp’s suite of intelligent tools provides you with data to dig in the exact details and strategies of your competitors along with keeping a track on them. With tools like Seller Watch, to track the entire product line of a seller, competitor research has gotten to the next level.


We think our Amazon Product Analytics Tool are the best in the industry. You don’t need to take our word for it though…

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“I would strongly recommend SellerApp to anyone who cares about making intelligent, informed decisions. The SellerApp's Analytics Tools are easy to use, affordable and powerful. It is extremely robust and has helped our research team save time and redundancy which is common when using an excel spreadsheet. Not to forget the advantageous amount of insights I get from the platform.”

Pete Smith,
Pete Smith,

7 Figure Amazon(US) seller

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