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How our powerful tools and features helped Filterway decode the Amazon marketplace to reach the top and take their water filters to a broader audience.

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SellerApp Objective

Help Filterway take its AquaBoon Brand to the top on Amazon, amid an increasingly competitive landscape.

Amazon Challenges

Devise a marketing strategy for AquaBoon that could further boost its already impressive visibility and sales on Amazon.

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The brand accelerated its sales and saw a 2x improvement in revenues. Aquaboon also conquered prime real estate on Amazon.


Filterway is a well-established company that primarily specializes in water filters, along with interests in oil and air purification. It has more than 25 brands under its umbrella focussing on water and air treatment solutions. It was performing fairly well in the water filter segment on Amazon but in the light of growing competition and dwindling customer demand, its sales plateaued. That’s when Filterway approached us to help them with a new strategy that would break the plodding trend and take their sales to new heights on the marketplace.

Here’s how we helped this prominent brand leverage their products to increase its market share and reach record-breaking revenues on Amazon.

Challenges Faced

Filterway came to us with a host of products that were already raking in decent revenues every month. Being a million-dollar brand, generating steady revenues was not a problem for them.

However, in the backdrop of more competitors entering the space and a decreasing market share, Filterway faced a problem that all big players do - its sales eventually reached a saturation point. But like all ambitious businesses, it was determined to break this cycle. The company needed to implement new strategies that would see an increase in sales, without risking their present position in the market.

A Deeper Dive

Filterway initially approached us with its brand AquaBoon and sought our expertise in increasing its sales. The idea was to design a plan for AquaBoon such that it will not only deliver the desired results here, but a similar strategy can also be implemented across its other brands. Thus began our journey of finding that secret sauce that could elevate Filterway to a league of its own.

We looked at AquaBoon’s performance on Amazon to identify the key aspects that needed to be improved. Soon, we realized that the lack of visibility in the search results for leading keywords was a major impediment in the product’s performance. This lack of visibility was also accompanied by an underwhelming sales velocity, since customers are less inclined to buy products that are not striking out within the search results.

Hence, we helped Filterway design its game plan that would concentrate on enhancing AquaBoon’s visibility while driving conversions. Our strategy to boost its visibility on the marketplace had to be effective enough to aid big brands and also meet the expectations of our clients.

Our Customer Success team give their two cents on the matter:

Working with a big client like Filterway is always a challenge, given that their expectations are high. The trick here was to understand the market they were in and critically examine the issues they were facing. Based on these insights, we had to come up with a solution that will deliver efficient results in a timely manner, and at the same time can be leveraged across its other brands.

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Our Solution

Amazon Sponsored Products Campaign with Thorough Optimization and Keyword Research

We helped Filterway launch multiple campaigns targeting all the top keywords associated with AquaBoon products. We initially started with five campaigns and soon scaled up to more than 20 campaigns across AquaBoon products.

We gathered the list of keywords after careful consideration, concentrating on top, converting search terms and keywords used by AquaBoon’s top leading competitors.

We also guided Filterway in improving the listing of all of its AquaBoon products for improved performance in automatic campaigns. Furthermore, in a bid to boost the brand’s visibility, we targeted its competing ASINs through product targeting ads.

With each keyword, we experimented with different match types to observe what works the best for AquaBoon. After reviewing search term reports, we helped Filterway optimize their campaigns at every step of the way through our smart PPC Analyzer Tool. This made our task of optimizing 20+ campaigns manageable and convenient.

Instant Keyword Analysis


When we launched AquaBoon’s first set of campaigns, its overall ACoS was at 30%. In a little over two months, we reduced their ACoS down to 19% while increasing its PPC sales by more than $25,000, for the first set of campaigns that we originally started.

On the back of this improved performance, Filterway asked us to work on additional campaigns for AquaBoon while optimizing the ones that were already in place. So, what was the outcome? After thorough optimization, we limited AquaBoon’s ACoS to close to 19%, while boosting the brand’s overall PPC revenue on Amazon by a little over $60,000 from the date they joined us.

In terms of organic ranking, our strategies led to a few of Aquaboon’s leading products dominate page one of Amazon search results for all the primary keywords. Furthermore, all of its other products steadily gained momentum and were reporting good sales. At the time of writing this, one of its top products is occupying more than 50% of real estate on page one for the same keyword. It is also the Amazon’s Choice for that search query.

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Following the electrifying success of AquaBoon, Filterway bolstered their faith in our ability to handle big brands and their products proficiently. They asked our expertise with its other leading brand - Arrowpure. We worked on the two brands simultaneously and soon, leveraged our experience to boost their revenues and position in the search results.

Before joining us, Filterway was reporting sales figures that were impressive by all standards, but were rather flat. Following the action taken by our Customer Success team and our powerful seller tools, we elevated their brand to a position of prominence. Their sales numbers, as seen in the graph above, improved significantly after we assisted them with PPC strategies and optimization.

Here is what Vlad had to say about us:

Savvy Intelligence

I was initially skeptical about SellerApp’s ability to handle a big brand like ours. However, they changed my mind in less than three months and now, they are helping me with every brand I sell on Amazon. It is a partnership that has helped me take my business to a whole another level.

Vlad Steve

PL Seller

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