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Amazon Product Photography

What does product photography have to do with trust?

In a visually driven world, where websites of all sorts are resorting to images and videos as marketing tools, it is an unspoken rule that the image is a driving factor in attracting the customer to your product. The dominance of sight as a sense can be measured in the teaching tools of pioneers in education tending towards Audio Visual resources as well as the attention span and reading time of humans decreasing on the whole since the advent of technological tablets.

In this era, product photography requires acute attention from the seller. The image that you display is a shortcut to the customer’s decision on whether or not to read for more details on the product. The choice of colours, set, and contrast add to the trust that the customer will place on the product, and therefore, on the brand.

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Why is it that what they see is what you get?

The cause and effect chain goes such that the customer is introduced to your product through the product photography carried out and resulting images, and the good impression caused by the images would draw the attention of the customer to more valuable details around the product, and finally as somebody who would require continued engagement of the customer and loyalty of the customer, the seller is receiving the trust of the customer through product photography.

Tips to ensure the best images represent your products

  • Do not blindly photograph your product. It is highly recommended that you spend time on conceptualising the product photography such that the resulting images would capture the audience as well as authentically represent the essence of your product.
  • Pay attention to the colours, brightness, orientation, and dimensions during the during the Amazon product photography. Also decide on the number of photos that would be appropriate for your product beforehand.
  • Ensure that the concept is best carried out and hire a professional to help with it, It is best to keep the images clean and minimal.

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