Redefine Your

Buy Box Winning Strategy

Find out how your business stacks up to the competition.


Rise in Buy Box percentage share by focusing on competitors' pricing.


Increase in revenue by ensuring Buy Box win during peak hours.


More profits by taking control over your landing price.

Here's What to Expect

Competitive Analysis

Get your Buy Box share in the competition. Lost Buy Box? Find out to whom and at what price.

Price Evaluation

Analyze the factors affecting Buy Box. Evaluate your shipping and pricing strategies.

Increased Profit Margin

Optimize your prices at the right time and increase your profit margin.


What are you going to infer from this report?

Get Ahead of the Competition

Get a complete report of your competitors’ pricing, shipping, and estimated sales potential. Watch your competitors’ products and optimize your SKUs accordingly.

Transform Complexities into Opportunities

Pinpoint product gaps and pricing opportunities. Compare them with multiple competitors. Turn glitches into opportunities to win the Buy Box.

Optimize and Increase Your Buy Box Sessions

Find out the percentage of shipping and pricing above the Buy Box winner. Optimize your product performance to increase your Buy Box percentage share.


We analyze the following parameters in the report.

1.Buy Box Price
2.Buy Box Winner
3.Price Above Buy Box Winner (%)
4.Shipping Above Buy Box Winner
5.Total Buy Box Price (Shipping + Price)
6.Sales Potential

Who Uses SellerApp’s Buy Box Report?

Brand and E-commerce Heads
Sales and Marketing

Brand and E-commerce Heads

  • Assess what your competitors are up to.
  • Streamline your operations based on competitor pricing analysis.

Leading companies love SellerApp

It's time to rack up your profit margins!

Let’s see if we can customize the report based on your business needs.

"Using SellerApp’s margin calculator module, Quantum Networks was able to assess the pricing information of various brands. This increased the efficiency of on boarding and streamlining new products."

Eytan Wiener, COO and Co-Founder