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  • The Role of Expertise in E-Commerce Social Proof

    By Patrick Foster

    The Role of Expertise in Ecommerce Social Proof

    Social proof and its role in driving purchasing decisions is nothing new: word-of-mouth marketing is a testament to this. But it remains equally relevant in today’s digital era, not least for ecommerce. Read on to discover our insights into the role of expertise in ecommerce social proof to achieve your…

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  • How To Remove Inventory From Amazon Easily?

    By Ankitha Nagaraj

    how to remove inventory from amazon

    When you are selling some products on Amazon FBA, there might be times when a few items might not be generating enough sales, as you might have expected it out to be. Eventually, these slow-selling products begin to pile up and clutter the entire inventory. These items just sit there…

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  • Amazon PPC Course 3: Setup, Match Types, Keywords & Bidding

    By Ankitha Nagaraj

    amazon ppc campaign

    Amazon Sponsored Products is without a doubt among the most efficient way to promote your product listings on Amazon. As you may have guessed by now, the idea here is fairly simple – you use Amazon PPC campaign to promote your items on the marketplace with the help of keyword-targeted…

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  • How E-Commerce Sellers Are Personalising Their Customer’s Experience

    By Brij Purohit

    email personalization techniques

    Personalization is the future of marketing. With artificial intelligence technologies and data analysis systems, companies are able to segment consumers for more focused marketing processes. Marketers can now tailor content for individual users based on known and predicted data like preferences, characteristics, browsing habits, and more. Predictive analysis ensures that…

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  • Amazon PPC Optimization Explained For High Sales & Visibility

    By Ankitha Nagaraj

    how to maximize your sales with amazon ppc

    Be it PPC ads or product display ads, Amazon PPC advertising has now become bigger than before. In fact, Amazon’s ad sales have surpassed 2 billion dollars in this quarter and according to reports, this is a new record. Though Amazon has shown consistent growth every year, this quarter saw…

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  • Amazon PPC Course 2: Budget & Amazon ACoS Calculation

    By Ankitha Nagaraj

    amazon ppc budget

    In an online marketplace like Amazon that is becoming increasingly competitive, it becomes imperative to have an exceptional marketing strategy. You may have an excellent product offering backed by a meticulous optimization for the e-commerce platform but until and unless you market your brand effectively, you will have a tough…

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