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Generate your Amazon Super URL for Promotions

Generate Amazon Super URL using this free Tool. Super URL can be used for external traffic and promotions.

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How to use the Free Amazon Super URL Generator?

  1. Copy and paste the product ASIN or the product URL from Amazon to the Super URL Creator.
  2. Tip: ASIN is the 10-digit unique product identifier associated with every on Amazon.

  3. Enter the Main Product Keyword for the ASIN
  4. Tip: SellerApp's Product Keyword identifies the best keyword for your ASIN

What can the Super URL Creator do for you?

amazon super url creator
  • Generate Super URL Easily

    Generate Super URL for any Amazon Product with the relevant Keyword

  • Super URL can be used for Promotions or External Traffic

    Use the Super URL generate for the social traffic or email campaigns

  • Easy to Create and Share to Social Platforms

    Super URL can be generated with the click of a button. Easy to share and promote

How Amazon Super URLs can Boost your Organic Rank in Amazon via External Traffic

Amazon Tracks each of the sales happening to your product via external traffic. This might be from Facebook, Google Plus or any other Social Channels. The more traffic your get outside of Amazon will lead to better Sales and improve ranking for those keywords as well. The Amazon Super URL Tool is the easiest way to improve your Product Rankings for external traffic that comes to your Amazon product page. This free tool will help you to create a URL which can be shortened and used for promotions.

How to Generate Great Keywords for your Product?

SelllerApp’s Product Keyword Feature helps you to generate the best keywords for your product with the click of a button. After generating the best, relevant, trending keyword for your product, the same keyword can be added to the URL using SellerApp's Super URL Creator. This will help Amazon to map the user behavior of Clicks, Add to Cart & Purchases or Sales with the specific keyword. If you promote the regular URL, Amazon won't be getting this specific information. The Super URL slug will help Amazon to identify the exact keywords that a user or a purchases searches when he/she buys the product on the Amazon platform.

How to Promote the Amazon Super URL?

The Amazon Super URL can be promoted in various channels. Since the relevant product keyword is listed in url itself, Amazon will track the clicks, impressions, conversions(actual sales) generated via this URL.

  • Promotional Emails with your Clients
  • Social Platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc
  • Internal and External Blogs
  • PPC Campaigns in Google Adwords, Facebook, and other Ad platforms
  • Any other Promotional Material

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Competitor Research

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Amazon Super URL are the URLs for off-Amazon optimization like Facebook, emails, websites, etc. They help to improve the search ranks of specific keywords.

Amazon ranks products based on the sales and sales history. An equally important factor Amazon considers is the keyword for which the product is sold. This mechanism makes complete sense because Amazon would want to show only relevant products with high purchase intent for each keyword.

The more your product is sold for a particular keyword, the better your product rankings are for the keyword.

Amazon Super URL can be used to send off- Amazon traffic to your product at the same time gives you the advantage of increasing the ranks for specific keywords

A usual Amazon shopper searches for a keyword(product in the user's search language), scrolls on the product results to choose a product that is the most appealing to him/ her to make a purchase. Amazon documents the search behavior of a user including the exact keyword the shopper has searched for, the product clicked on and whether or not a purchase is made. This information is used by Amazon to decide the search rankings of keywords.

The Amazon Super URL mimics this search activity of a shopper, by including the keywords on the URL.

The Amazon Super URL can be used in all your off Amazon promotions, including Facebook ads, Website traffic, emails and newsletters promoting your brand and on your YouTube channels.

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