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Amazon Seller Rank that every seller must be aware of to sell their products online

Amazon Seller Rank is the ranking protocol used by Amazon to rank the products that are listed on Amazon. There is a huge list of product categories on Amazon and ranking them is a difficult task however, Amazon ensures each product is given the best ranking that describes the sales of the product.

Amazon Seller

The unique Amazon Ranking strategy

Amazon uses a different and the most advanced protocol that ranks the products based on the hourly sales. It also categorizes the products based on their type. Amazon Seller Rank is exclusively used for selling on Amazon.

Here are checkpoints for every seller to ensure they follow the Amazon Seller rank procedure to rank their products

The rank is derived from sales and not reviews

The sellers on Amazon generally have a misconception that the ranking is based on the reviews of the product. However, the fact is that Amazon ranks the products on the basis of their sales and other stats. This means, Amazon Seller Rank only considers the cumulative sales of a particular product and not the thousands of reviews the product gets.

The ranking is updated periodically recognizing aspiring sellers

When it comes to ranking of the products, Amazon generally ranks the best sellers on a particular lag of time. This means Amazon might consider an hour, 2 or 3 hours for improving the ranking of the product. The ranking might also take a day if the category comes with 10000 or more number of similar products in it.

Win the competitive market to gain better ranking

Boost in the sale of products is not the only reason to improve the ranking the product. Amazon seller rank is given to sellers and products that compete with the huge demand and provide exceptional service to the customers. It is essential to increase the number of sale however, meeting the demand in the competitive market also fetches better ranking.

The product profile, selling price, purchasing decision of the customer and many other direct and indirect actions of the customers and the stats also have a great impact on the sales and the ranking of the product.

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