Product Watch

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Amazon product research is made very simple with SellerApp’s Product Watch. Carefully sift through hundreds of Amazon product data queried real time all at one go. Find profitable product ideas that cater to your specific needs. Shortlist product ideas by customizing your preferences through numerous filters. We provide an intensive, detailed list of filters which will help you customize data on 10 different factors and streamline your search result.

Product watch shows BSR on Amazon and BSR ranges that can be used to infer the right range of Amazon sales data for any given category

View number of Amazon sellers (FBA and merchants) selling the product, price, ratings, reviews, any live promotions for the product and other product details.

Track products to set various alerts like pricing alert, listing alert, rating alert, low inventory alerts. Do reverse ASIN research on the tracked products to find out the top keywords used in the listing, page rank, search volume, competition and average CPC to figure out Amazon seller competition for any given product.

Carefully study and compare shortlisted products with our analytical features to find the right fit for you.

Product Watch gives you insights into

  • Amazon product sales
  • Customer reviews
  • Ratings
  • Promotions
  • Competition
  • Pricing