Welcome 2022! Limited 50% OFF on SellerApp Professional Plan.
Welcome 2022! Limited 50% OFF on SellerApp Professional Plan.

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Powerful Data-Driven Solutions to Strengthen Your Business

Through the years, we have had the pleasure of working with over 10,000+ Amazon sellers across different geographies. We have helped them with different aspects of their Amazon business, ranging from product research to PPC optimization and profit monitoring. What separates us from the rest is our ability to combine our love for data science and our passion to work with Amazon sellers to empower their business. This has helped us craft machine learning algorithms to obtain valuable insights from the marketplace by targeting over 500 million data points.

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For every product in our database, we look at the vital individual components that drive traffic and sales: demand, competition, product listing, Amazon SEO keywords, prices, fulfillment options, ad campaigns, and over 15 such elements. It is a process of constant learning, and consequently, our cutting edge algorithms are also updated frequently to keep up with the latest developments. With us, you will always have that technological advantage of staying ahead of the curve.

At SellerApp, we provide a comprehensive range of solutions that will empower your business and take your revenues to new heights. You no longer need to look for a SellerLabs alternative - your search is complete.

SellerApp vs. SellerLabs - A Pricing Overview

As you can see, we have a significant edge over SellerLabs when it comes to pricing. But more than that, you will get all the help you need for your Amazon business with us. We have a powerful suite of tools, to begin with. Combine this with the impeccable customer service team we have and you have the perfect recipe for success in your hands.

Whether you are making a million dollars a month or are just starting, we are certain that we can help you do better. We offer a seven-day trial period where you can try our features and see what your business has been missing.

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SellerApp vs. SellerLabs - A Feature Overview

Niche and Product Finder
Inspiring product ideas
Detailed Product Information
Product Search filters
Track historical review and price trends
Sales and revenue Estimates
Profit Calculator
Category and Seller Ranking
Multiple seller tracking
Product sourcing contacts
Keyword Research
Buyer keywords for wider reach
Detailed keyword information
Competition Intensity of a keyword
Keyword category
Unlimited keyword searches and CSV downloads
Page rank and search position tracking
Search visibility trends
Keyword Indexing optimization
Search Visibility Analysis
ASIN specific keywords (ASIN Reverse)
Competitor Keyword Lookup
Competitor keyword detail
Optimize backend keywords
Listing Quality Analysis
Desirability analysis of the listing
Discoverability analysis of the listing
HTML listing editor
Listing Quality Alerts
Portfolio Data Analytics
Amazon expert support
Hijacker Alert Tracking
Rating and review tracking
Rating alerts
Optimize Amazon Ads
Simplified Ad reports
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Here are 8 Reasons Why SellerApp is Your Best Alternative to SellerLabs

Discover Hidden Treasures in the Amazon Jungle Easily

Amazon marketplace is a jungle in every sense of the word - it is wild out there! With millions of products already on Amazon, it can be a daunting task for upcoming sellers to find new product ideas and kick start their business.

Luckily, we have got you covered with our Opportunity Score and a comprehensive database of 100 million+ products. Here’s how you can simplify your product research with SellerApp:

  • Find that desirable item best suited for your business easily. What would take you hours to do previously will now take you only minutes!
  • Validate your research with Opportunity Score - a simplified metric based on demand, competition, quality, profit margin, and expenses.
  • Explore each product in-depth with historical trends, dimensions, sales, orders, revenues, reviews, and BSR. Calculate the potential profits of your product before you place an order for inventory!
  • Filter your results based on product categories, estimated orders and sales per day, review count, weight, and price range.

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Extract Profitable, Traffic-Generating Keywords

Without understanding the actual search queries that Amazon customers use to shop products online, it will be difficult for you to drive traffic. What you need here is a powerful solution in your arsenal that can fetch you all the essential keywords for your products in minutes.

Enter SellerApp’s Keyword Tool. Built on advanced machine learning algorithms, your alternative to SellerLabs scrapes the Amazon marketplace every 24 hours to update its ever-growing list of more than 150 million keywords.

  • Boost your Amazon SEO and PPC campaigns with the best keywords for your products. Pick the search terms based on search volume, relevancy, and cost per click bid.
  • Collect long-tail keywords easily with the click of a button. You no longer need to manually scour through endless rows and columns to find these profitable keywords.
  • Evaluate sales potential for that keyword with Keyword Difficulty.
  • Identify the keywords your top competitors are after using the Reverse ASIN feature. Compare up to four competing ASINs at a time to realize the extent of keyword coverage your rivals are enjoying.

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Increase Your Visibility on Amazon with Improved Listings

A product listing is just like your sales copy on Amazon; without a compelling text, you cannot get people to buy your products. However, given that there are so many elements in a product listing, it can be quite tricky to come up with a copy that sells like hotcakes.

With us, you will not have to worry about that. Our Listing Quality Score is an indigenously developed metric that thoroughly analyzes a listing and gives feedback on how to improve it.

  • Your listing will be compared with that of your competitors in the niche, with certain benchmarks in place like title, bullet points, images, et cetera.
  • A score will be assigned based on this analysis, with detailed suggestions on how to improve them. The score is updated automatically with time to ensure that your listing is up to the mark.
  • Take advantage of our comprehensive guides on listing quality optimization. Consult with our in-house experts who will assist you in preparing a convincing, seductive text for your product.

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Monitor Your Optimization Efforts with Keyword Tracking

Whether you are launching a new product on Amazon or are working on improving the visibility of an old one, it is important to know where you stand in the marketplace at all times. Armed with this knowledge, you can proceed to take the necessary steps to improve the health of your business.

With that in mind, we are proud to present to you Keyword Tracking - a comprehensive solution that will quantify your optimization efforts in real time.

  • Identify which keywords are working for you by finding their precise organic rank in the Amazon SERP. Focus your efforts on these keywords for improved results.
  • Observe the change in page rank and position with time to see the outcome of your SEO endeavors.
  • Track your competitors’ keywords to see where you are placed for their queries. Work on increasing your market share by identifying the keywords with room for further improvement.

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Instant Listing Quality Check

Wait, Your SellerLabs Alternative Gets Better! Here’s How SellerApp Can Assist You Further.

Let’s Work Together and Take Your Business to New Heights

When you join SellerApp, you will not only get to use our powerful technology to boost your sales but also work with our world-class Customer Success managers who are committed to improving your business.

  • We will personally welcome you to our platform after you sign up with us. Our in-house experts will walk you through everything that we have to offer, and help you use our tools and solutions for the betterment of your business.
  • You can set up weekly consultation calls with these experts and work on devising your business goals.
  • We will understand your requirements, set concrete plans with you and work on achieving them together. Whether it is a product launch, PPC optimization, or preparing a good listing, our Customer Success managers have got you covered.

Rest assured, with SellerApp, you are in good hands.

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Drive Traffic and Sales with PPC Optimization

Amazon Sponsored Products campaign is an essential part of Amazon business. However, it is also quite tricky to optimize and often, most sellers need help with this very aspect. We realize the gravity of the situation and for this reason, we offer our PPC Analyzer tool as a part of your subscription plan.

You will get to become the master of Amazon PPC ads with our automated PPC tool for the very same price! On the back of seamless integration with your Seller Central account, optimize your campaigns easily.

  • Eliminate negative keywords with ease to reduce your ad spends and ACoS. Improve the performance of your campaigns and drive quality traffic.
  • Identify the top-converting keywords and maximize your conversions through improved targeting.
  • Get a bird’s eye view of your campaign with simplified ad performance reports and statistics. Save time by going through all the crucial data in simple numbers and graphs, rather than spending hours on excel sheets.
  • Work with our experts every week and ensure that your PPC campaigns are running smoothly, as per the expectations.

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Get Business Intelligence Reports with Profit Dashboard

Our Profit Dashboard will help you monitor your business efficiently without wasting a lot of time. Our automated tools will provide you all the essential data you need to determine how your business is performing. Gone are the days when you would have to spend time on multiple tabs to figure out your orders, sales, and profits.

  • Improve your profits with simplified business reports in a presentable format, with all the actionable insights at one place.
  • Take a deeper dive into each individual product in your inventory with just one click.
  • Identify the products bringing you most sales and those that are not performing, without digging your way through tonnes of reports. Know where you need to focus your efforts in seconds.
  • Never run out of inventory and lose sales and organic rankings. We will keep you updated with your inventory levels and provide you a timeline of how long the current stock will last so that you can replenish it in time.

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Get Business Intelligence Reports with Profit Dashboard

With the help of our Business Alerts feature, you can set notifications for your crucial metrics that could drastically affect your sales. We will keep a watchful eye on them while you sleep and update you in case of any changes.

  • Counteract hijackers and protect your brand. With hijacking alerts, whenever a seller is attempting to sell on your listing, you can act on it immediately and take the necessary countermeasures.
  • Protect your sales by maintaining the quality of your listing. The competitive landscape is always changing and it is important for your listing to be flawless throughout. With our listing alert, you will be notified immediately when there is a change in your listing.
  • Set alerts for your competitors’ listings and prices. Know precisely when your competitor has revised his prices or changed his listing, and amend your business strategies accordingly.
  • Improve your customer experience with negative reviews alert. We will let you know when a customer leaves a negative review in real time.

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