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There are two ways to succeed on Amazon - the first one would be to constantly optimize own product listing, the second would be to keep an eye on the other sellers. Fluidly change your own strategies based on your competitors.

So, what are some ways to watch your own listings, rating et. and track competitors’ as well?

Set Amazon alerts with SellerApp. Get notified based on different activities of your competitors and different events on your own account.

Set SellerApp alerts and receives notifications on various parameters like price, inventory, ratings, listing quality index, revenue and order not only on your products but also on your competitors’ as well. The best part is, make notifications an actionable item by adding it to your tasks on the dashboard

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Receive notifications on the following alerts

  • Price alert
  • Want to be notified if price drops or increases for a particular ASIN? Set price drop alert or price hike alert on Amazon products. Let SellerApp be your Amazon price tracker.
  • Rating Alert
  • Use this alert to find out whether there is a negative rating or a review received for your listing or your competitor's listing on Amazon. Set an alert and send a timely response to your customers.
  • Inventory alert
  • Set this Amazon low inventory alert so you will never run out of stock.
  • LQI alert
  • Set this alert to have good quality listing always, if your listing quality index goes lower than the allowed threshold you will be alerted. Set this alert if you want to be notified when your competitor’s listing quality goes low.

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