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There is a reason why SellerApp is one of the most trusted names in the industry. Our eCommerce analytics solutions are built on the foundation of the blend of sophisticated machine learning algorithms and personal expertise in the field of selling on Amazon. We target millions of data points on the marketplace to learn, develop, and extract valuable insights that can help you increase your sales and revenues. Combine this with our world-class Customer Success team, and SellerApp becomes your perfect recipe for success!

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It is not an easy feat to fully understand what makes a product click on Amazon. Whether it is the quality, pricing, popularity, or the way it is marketed, numerous factors are considered to find out what makes a product sell. To answer this question, we established benchmarks to evaluate a product - competition, historical trends, overall demand, profitability, dimensions, search queries, and many more. But more than being data-driven, we are also guided by a passion to help you take your business to new heights.

We cover the entire life cycle of doing business on Amazon, starting with product research to monitoring business performance and everything in between. No matter what the requirement for your Amazon business is, SellerApp has got you covered.

SellerApp vs. Helium 10 - A Pricing Overview

Whether you are just starting your business on Amazon or are a full-fledged seller already, SellerApp’s plans have got your back. Choose a plan depending on how much you are making every month, but before that, you can try this tool for free alternative to Helium 10 for 7 days, to see if it is a good investment. (To save you the trouble, more than 10,000 sellers across the world believe it is!)

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SellerApp vs. Helium 10 - A Feature Overview

Featuressellerapp-competitorHelium 10
Niche and Product Finder
Inspiring product ideas
Detailed Product Information
Product Search filters
Track historical review and price trends
Sales and revenue Estimates
Profit Calculator
Category and Seller Ranking
Multiple seller tracking
Product sourcing contacts
Keyword Research
Buyer keywords for wider reach
Detailed keyword information
Competition Intensity of a keyword
Keyword category
Unlimited keyword searches and CSV downloads
Page rank and search position tracking
Search visibility trends
Keyword Indexing optimization
Search Visibility Analysis
ASIN specific keywords (ASIN Reverse)
Competitor Keyword Lookup
Competitor keyword detail
Optimize backend keywords
Listing Quality Analysis
Desirability analysis of the listing
Discoverability analysis of the listing
HTML listing editor
Listing Quality Alerts
Portfolio Data Analytics
Amazon expert support
Hijacker Alert Tracking
Rating and review tracking
Rating alerts
Optimize Amazon Ads
Simplified Ad reports
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Here are 7 Reasons why SellerApp is Your Best Helium 10 Alternative

A Customer Success Team You Can Count On!

We are super proud of our powerful solutions at SellerApp, but more than that, we take pride in our ability to cater to our clients individually.

  • When you sign up with us, we will welcome you onboard and introduce you to the platform. That’s right; a real human will walk you through the various tools and features that make SellerApp a trusted name among Amazon sellers.
  • Our Customer Success managers will also help you improve your business through weekly consultation calls, emails, and regular follow-ups. They will understand your needs and work with you on a macroscopic level to increase your traffic, conversions, and revenues.
  • For this reason, we also have raving positive reviews on sites like Trustpilot.

Rest assured, our business is to help you do yours better.

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Find Money-Making Products Easily with Opportunity Score

Gone are the days when you would have to spend hours on finding that perfect product to sell on Amazon. With the help of our in-house metric Opportunity Score, you can do that job in minutes! This score is assigned to all the 100 million+ products in our database and is a combination of five key elements - demand, competition, profit margin, expenses, and quality.

Refine your product research further by evaluating historical trends and sales potential, or by filtering results based on category, estimated sales per day, review count, and price range.

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Generate Long-Tail, Profitable Keywords in Seconds

One fundamental rule of Amazon SEO is to target long-tail customer queries. As you know, these search terms imply a high level of intent and come with good chances of landing conversions. Therefore, in a bid to make your job of gathering these keywords easier, our Keyword Research and Reverse ASIN tools have a separate, dedicated page for long-tail queries.

You can easily collect the long-tail keywords for your products from our repository of more than 400 million actual customer queries on Amazon. With this, you will also get other inputs like search volume and average cost-per-click. Put these queries in your listing and ads and watch your traffic and sales increase!

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Keep an Eye on Your Top Competitors with Product Tracking

As long as you know your top competitors on Amazon quite well, you will always be ahead of the curve.

With our Tracked Product feature, you can track up to 500 products depending on your plan and get actionable intelligence on your top competitors. Whether you need to know how their sales have been in the past or are looking to find out the top keywords they are targeting, you will find it all and more here.

In addition to this, set alerts for your competing ASINs for price, listing quality, and reviews. Get notified whenever they make a change so that you can proactively act on it and revise your strategies accordingly.

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Instant Listing Quality Check

Improve Your Product Listing for Greater Sales and Visibility

An excellent product listing is the key to driving conversions. But we understand that with so many individual elements, it can be quite overwhelming to come up with a selling, convincing copy. Luckily, we have taken our expertise in this field and our knowledge of data science to come up the Listing Quality Index.

  • We compare your listing with your top competitors in your niche and each of its individual elements is examined to see what it lacks and what can be done to improve it.
  • A score is assigned accordingly, with detailed suggestions on how to improve the listing quality for better visibility on the marketplace.
  • And of course, you also have our Customer Success managers and detailed listing optimization guides to help you enhance your product listing.

The insights provided here will help you optimize your product listings. By identifying the keywords that are ranking well, you can put effort on those and bring your listing further up in the search results.

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Master the Art of Amazon Sponsored Products

We are proud to say that SellerApp is one of the few players in the industry with a dedicated suite of features just for Amazon PPC. From our experience, we have seen that seven out of 10 Amazon sellers struggle with this very concept and hence, here we are to help you master PPC.

Using our PPC Tool, you can achieve the following:

  • Reduce your ACoS and ad spend, while increasing the performance and efficiency of your ad campaigns. Improve your conversions with enhanced targeting with sales-generating keywords.
  • Understand the health of your advertisements with simplified reports and graphs. Get all the actionable inputs you need to work on your ads in a simple, uncomplicated manner.
  • Cut down your analysis time by 4x by letting us do the heavy work. We will run the numbers for you and keep the data in an organized manner.
  • Eliminate negative keywords that are eating into your precious ad budget and much more!

Needless to mention, this alternative for Helium 10 just got a whole lot better.

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Monitor your Inventory Levels, Negative Reviews, and More!

A good entrepreneur is always aware of what is going on in his business empire. This was our inspiration when we came up with our Profit Dashboard - your one-stop solution to understand the health of your business.

In addition to providing you with a bird’s eye view with sales figures and other important metrics, we will also:

  • Track your inventory levels so that you can replenish them in time and avoid losing sales and organic ranking to ‘out of stock’ disaster.
  • Notify you whenever someone leaves a negative review so that you can act on it immediately and make the necessary amends.
  • Tell you when your Listing Quality Score changes, provided you have set up an alert for the same.
  • Similarly, we will also alert you of possible listing hijacking to ensure that you take the necessary steps in time to prevent losing sales.

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