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Introducing SellerApp, the powerful alternative!

Are you still comparing different Amazon seller tools? Considering a switch to SellerApp?

With over 500 million products and the extreme competition on Amazon, you’ll need a tool with data that you can trust and rely on. At the same time, it must cater to all your Amazon requirements. SellerApp has it all!

Here’s a quick overview of why SellerApp is the best choice.

How do our prices compare with Sellics ?

Trial PeriodFree 7 days trialFree 14 days trial
Yearly Plan Pricing - Per monthBasic - $49.99
Professional - $99.99
Business - $249.99
Enterprise - $399.99
Monthly - $57-$347
Biannual - $57 - $287
Yearly - $47 - $257
Chrome AppFreeNo Chrome Extension
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What are SellerApp’s features compared to Sellics?

Product Research is the first step to a successful Amazon business. Tracking down the best product niche, with low competition, good profit margins can sometimes be overwhelming. SellerApp helps you ease the product search and analysis phase with dedicated features from both SellerApp Chrome Extension and the SellerApp Web App.

Features that help you discover the most profitable products. Find and Analyze profitable products and analyze that they are the right fit for your product launch.

Features SellerAppSellics
Niche and Product Finder

Tap profitable products and niches with smart filters and data for competition intensity and product potential

Inspiring product ideas

Unlimited best selling product ideas with newer additions on every refresh

Detailed Product Information

Product information including the dimensions, weight, etc

Product Search filters

Advanced filters to suit your direction of search

Track historical review and price trends

Comprehensive review and pricing trends for a period of time

Sales and revenue Estimates

Accurate forecasts to get an overall picture of the sales

Profit Calculator

Understand the ROI, FBA fees for every product

Category and Seller Ranking

Product category and BSR ranking to track sales trends

Multiple seller tracking

Track the entire product line along with the product potential and analysis of each product

Product sourcing contacts

Legitimate, verified manufacturers to source products

Choosing the right keywords are as important as product research. A product ranking on the Page 1 of the search result gets 7x times the views and 4x times the sales compared to a product further down the search results.

Whether your listing has already been getting high positions in an Amazon search or has just begun reaching the page 1 for your category, you should always know where it is ranking. You can also keep track of competitors’ keyword rankings. A side-by-side comparison of your rankings versus your competitors’ points out search terms you need to focus on more.

Features to discover the best keywords and track their real time performance

Features SellerAppSellics
Keyword Research

Custom based keyword search with smart filters

Buyer keywords for wider reach

Amazon trending and auto suggested keywords

Detailed keyword information

All the data to analyze a keyword including search volume, avg CPC

Competition Intensity of a keyword

Grasp critical data like number of indexed products, CPC costs, top products indexed, etc.

Keyword category

The base category under which the keyword is dominantly searched

Unlimited keyword searches and CSV downloads

No limitations on the number of searches. Export a copy of the results to slice it according to your necessities

Page rank and search position tracking

The performance of critical keywords in an Amazon search

Search visibility trends

Discoverability of the product to Amazon shoppers.

Keyword Indexing optimization

Analysis of indexed and non indexed keywords and alternate keyword suggestions

Search Visibility Analysis

Search position tracker for each individual keyword

ASIN specific keywords (ASIN Reverse)

Extract the exact keywords in a competitor listing

Competitor Keyword Lookup

High search volume keywords used in the listing

Competitor keyword detail

Amazon auto suggested and trending keywords including the place of its usage

Optimize backend keywords

Individual keyword indexing information and analysis

It's no secret that having a powerful product listing is important. You need to appear in the top results for a search as well as keep visitors on the page longer, increase click through rates and improve the products' conversion rates. Optimize your listing both for Amazon’s search engine as well as the shopper. Understand your competitor’s listing strategies and measure where you stand in the search.

Features to optimize your Amazon listing quality. Analyze the strengths and weakness of competitor listings.

Features SellerAppSellics
Listing Quality Analysis

Detailed listing quality checks and best practice suggestions

Desirability analysis of the listing

Attractiveness analysis of the listing by benchmarking against Amazon listing standards

Discoverability analysis of the listing

Analysis against the best SEO practices and suggestions for better product visibility

HTML listing editor

Easy to use HTML code editor to put up readable listings that convert better

Listing Quality Alerts

Notification on modifications made to product listings

Most successful Amazon sellers run a PPC campaign at least once in their selling cycle. SellerApp’s PPC Analyzer tool helps deciphering the Search Term Report as well as gain valuable insights to increase productivity, optimize ACoS and to decrease your PPC spends.

Features to optimize Amazon PPC campaigns. Increase the CTRs, decrease adspends and to optimize the ACoS.

Features SellerAppSellics
Optimize Amazon Ads

Better your ad performances and optimise keyword bids and ACoS to reduce PPC costs

Simplified Ad reports

Understand the ad groups , keywords that are bringing sales with simplified easy to read reports

A well measured business stands a better chance of success. Finding a product and putting up a great listing is only the first phase of Amazon selling. Tracking and analyzing the sales is the most important part. Measure and analyze your Amazon sales and inventory to understand what’s working and what’s not. Track measure and improve your Amazon sales.

Features to keep track of your Amazon business. Sales, revenue and orders.

Features SellerAppSellics
Portfolio Data Analytics

Real time sales and order tracking with Seller Central integration

Amazon expert support

Portfolio consultation and business advice to improve sales and profits

Hijacker Alert Tracking

Control the influx of counterfeit sellers tagging onto your product listing

Rating and review tracking

Interpret the competition with the review and rating trends

Rating alerts

Notifications on changes in rating trends