Nimble grew their ad revenue by 564% in six months by leveraging Sponsored ads

A leader in Pet Tech Solutions partnered with SellerApp to grow their brand on Amazon
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The Company

Nimble is a pioneer in providing state-of-the-art IoT solutions to enable productivity and efficiency across industries. They offer IoT solutions in applications including Infrastructure, Consumer pet safety, Green energy, Healthcare, and more. Their signature products cover Pet Monitor, Pet Monitor Pro, and tempCube Pro.

The Problem

The increasing knowledge of animal well-being has led to staggering growth in the pet care market and observed a growth rate of 27.2% in 2020. Nimble wanted to capitalize on this growth and boost their revenue from the Amazon marketplace. However, they found it difficult to increase their brand awareness. On the other hand, their brand keywords contributed to 80% of the ad sales. They needed an expert approach to boost their awareness and increase overall sales.

To reach a wider audience in global marketplaces

Our revenue grew 6x within six months with SellerApp’s managed services. The team’s dedication and responsiveness are impeccable.”

Nimble Wireless

Our Approach

The SellerApp team conducted an in-depth audit of the account to evaluate the campaign performance. To increase market share, we laid a concrete action plan by breaking down the objectives and targets to be achieved into three phases.

In phase 1, the team optimized existing campaigns and built traction around relevant generic keywords. Besides, the team utilized the budget towards Sponsored Display and Brand campaigns to amplify Nimble’s brand presence.

Enhancing competitor targeting was the core aspect of phase 2. The team included new competitor ASINs in the campaigns and aggressively bid on them to increase the market share. Furthermore, keyword research was performed to find relevant seasonal keywords.

In phase 3, the team analyzed custom reports and data points to scale the ad campaigns further. SellerApp dashboard helped them slice and dice the data for further analysis of the campaign performance. They found opportunities to improve the Search Frequency Rank (SFR) and reduce total ACoS.

SellerApp’s automation algorithms and keyword harvesting