E-commerce Seller System
E-commerce Seller System


Amazon Smbhav 2022
E-commerce Seller System

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Who we are

AI-powered e-Commerce Intelligence platform to help sellers maximize their potential on Amazon

SellerApp`s  Amazon PPC Automation Tool
We're very fortunate to be associated with one of the fastest growing industries - E-commerce. Our mission is to help a million sellers to sell globally and profitably.


Meet the E-commerce Seller System

The world’s best brands use SellerApp

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Awards & Accolades

Tech Innovator of the Year Award, Amazon Smbhav, 2022

“We at @SellerApp.com knew that our platform can make a massive impact on the sellers. What we didn’t know was that the entire E-commerce industry was about to flip upside-down. Super excited to know that our deep insights, actionable data and advertising automation is making a huge difference for sellers“
~ Nithin Mentreddy, Director of Customer Success

Amazon Ads Advanced Partner

“SellerApp is excited to be an Amazon Ads Advanced Partner. We have been a part of the Advertising Partner Network since 2021 and earning this status only goes to prove that our services are changing lives. We want to continue to deliver cutting edge solutions to our clients to scale their Amazon business.”
~ Arishekar N, Sr Director of Marketing

SellerApp Team

Headquarters: Singapore

50+ employees worldwide

Ownership: Private

Profitability status: Profitable

3 main departments: Marketplace Software

powered by the best-in-business Commerce

specialists, and eCommerce platform powered by


deepa shah founder
Deepa Shah, Founder


eytan weiner founder
Eytan Weiner, Founder

Quantum networks

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John Bennett, Founder

Eco Safety Products

Our Customers, Our Success

At SellerApp, we put the power of our experts at the center of everything we do. A truly unbeatable team.

Case Studies
“SellerApp offers expert advice to make sure my FBA business is performing well.”

Julian B

“When it comes to advertising, SellerApp knows the best ways to go about it and streamlines all campaigns.”

Wilson G

“A game-changer for Amazon sellers, Sellerapp is one of the most innovative apps in the industry.”

Axel M


SellerApp Ecosystem

Instantly find relevant keywords and get detailed insights into competitors’ SEO strategies.

SellerApp Partners


A great team of experts and tools to help you become a successful seller

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FBA Warriors Facebook Community

FBA Warriors

Very active Facebook community to support you in every step of your ecommerce journey

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SellerApp Help Pages


Diverse topics and documentation to help you get the most out of your SellerApp account

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Success Stories with SellerSpeak


Inspiring stories from established ecommerce sellers, how they started, managed and succeeded in their business

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