A Perfect way to grow your Agency business

Partner your agency with SellerApp, promote your work, learn powerful tools, manage customers at scale, and the best - GROW YOUR BUSINESS.
SellerApp’s Agency Partner Program

Benefits for an Agency


Frequent/Monitoring and reporting

On a bi-monthly basis


Dedicated Account Manager

Expert PPC strategies


AI-driven platform

Boost ROI and profits

Help accelerate Digital Transformation as a Global Strategic Partner

SellerApp’s Agency Partner Network displays the best agencies across the world, helping the sellers with account management, ppc optimization, listing services, cataloging etc.

The E-commerce world is evolving and access to actionable data becomes the utmost need for your accounts to grow. SellerApp’s Amazon Advertising solution can be incredibly helpful and effective to maximize the account performance.

Transforming as Global Strategic Partner

Paving the way for agencies to gain a strong foothold in eCommerce

We help agencies by building powerful customized PPC strategies that are unique to every brand. Our expertise is reflected in the fact that on average, we have helped our clients increase their sales by 5X while bringing down the ACoS by 50% within the first two months. With over $700M ad spend, agencies that partner with us have attained a top-line growth of 23%.

Our numbers speak for themselves and they are a testament to how we ensure providing the best Amazon PPC marketing services to our clients. Partner your agency with us today to unlock a plethora of business opportunities that are sure to spiral your profits towards new heights of success.

Customized PPC Strategies to secure position in E-commerce


Amazon Ads Automation

Our next-gen data-driven Amazon agency software will ensure end-to-end optimization of ad campaigns according to your business needs and help you achieve your goals in no time



Don’t waste time on manual work. Let automation do it for you. Agency reports combine advertising, sales data at ASIN/category level. Use our platform to save cost, time and streamline business


Insights and Intelligence

Get data-driven insights using SellerApp's advanced tools, product intelligence, keyword research, competitive intelligence, and more. Access category benchmarks for better decisions


Business Monitoring

Track visibility of your client’s brand at SKU level and customer demand on their specific category and sub-category, critical metrics such as rankings, positions, listing desirability, niche growth etc