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Preferred excel format ".xlsx - Amazon report; .csv - SellerApp report"

PPC Account Summary

PPC Account Summary

Get a clear and comprehensive macro view of your PPC account. Our machine learning algorithms analyze campaign, keyword, match type, and sales data to give you a detailed PPC score.

Campaign Analysis

Campaign Analysis

Know where your revenue is coming from. We breakdown keyword, revenue, and ACoS data from automatic and manual campaigns to give you a bird’ eye view.

Arrest Wasted Spend

Arrest Wasted Spend

Find out how much of your budget is being wasted on non-converting or non-performing keywords. Use the detailed search term analysis to gauge how many of your keywords actually meet your campaign goals.

How to use the SellerApp PPC Audit Tool?

SellerApp Tutorial

How to Use Amazon PPC Audit Tool

Log in to your seller central account and navigate to the Reports section. Select Advertising Reports from the drop-down menu. Select Search Term under Report Type and specify the date range. Make sure you get data for the last 60 days. Click on Create Report to download the CSV file.


Upload the CSV report using the SellerApp PPC Audit tool.

Enter your target ACoS and click Analyze Report.


Check your PPC audit results to get comprehensive data-backed insights

Why do you need an Amazon PPC Audit Tool?

Amazon Sponsored ads are one of the best ways to improve visibility and sales on the marketplace. However, the key to profitability is an optimized PPC campaign. And the key to an optimized campaign is robust and actionable data.

SellerApp’s Audit tool digs through all your data and cuts straight to the point. By focusing on the key performance indicators, SellerApp’s machine learning algorithms will give you actionable insights in seconds, which is critical to ensuring a healthy PPC strategy.

Amazon ppc audit

How you can leverage actionable insights?

To make it easier for you to identify gaps and opportunities in your business, the audit tool provides details based on campaigns, keywords, and match types. Based on your data and target ACoS, the tool also offers recommendations vetted by our PPC experts.

How do you convert these insights into action? Just log in to the SellerApp dashboard and get started with the Advertising feature. From granular keyword data to advanced automation tools, you have everything you need to manage and run campaigns that sell.

Amazon ppc audit tool

Maximize returns, minimize effort. Start automating your PPC campaigns now!

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