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Preferred .xlsx format for Amazon report; .csv format for SellerApp report.

Instant Campaign Analysis

Instant Campaign Analysis

Save time and effort with our Amazon PPC audit tool and get an instant breakdown of your PPC campaign performance. Our machine learning algorithms analyze your campaign, keyword, match type, and sales data to give you a detailed PPC score and immediate action times to improve PPC performance.

Optimize Your Revenue

Optimize Your Revenue

Get a bird's eye view of your campaign performance, breaking down keyword, revenue, and ACoS data from automatic and manual campaigns. See exactly where your revenue comes from and how your current ACoS score ranks compared to your target ACoS goal. Optimize your campaigns with this information and maximize revenue and profitability.

Reduce Wasted Ad Spend

Reduce Wasted Ad Spend

Stop wasting your ad budget on non-performing keywords. Our free Amazon PPC Audit tool helps you identify the keywords that are driving the most conversions. Use that information to eliminate non-performing keywords and save your ad spend to see significant improvements in ROI.

How to use the SellerApp PPC Audit Tool?

Follow these simple steps to get comprehensive insights into your Amazon PPC campaign using SellerApp's Amazon PPC Audit tool:

SellerApp Tutorial

How to Use Amazon PPC Audit Tool

Log in to your Seller Central account and navigate to the Reports section.


From the drop-down menu, select Advertising Reports.

Under Report Type, select Search Term, and specify the date range. It's recommended to get data for the last 60 days.


Click on Create Report to download the CSV file.

Next, upload the CSV report to SellerApp's PPC Audit tool, enter the target ACoS, and click on Analyze Report.


Wait for the complete analysis and check your PPC audit results to get detailed, data-backed insights into your campaign's performance.

With SellerApp's free Amazon PPC Audit tool, you can quickly optimize your Amazon PPC campaigns for maximum performance and profitability. Take advantage of this powerful tool today and stay ahead of the competition!

Why Can't You Miss Out on SellerApp's Free Amazon PPC Audit Tool?

Amazon Sponsored ads are an excellent way to increase visibility and sales in the marketplace. However, you need to optimize the PPC campaigns to maximize profit, which is impossible without data.

SellerApp’s free auditing tool digs through your search term report to provide an in-depth analysis of Amazon Sponsored ads, highlighting the number of search terms that are converting, non-converting, and poorly converting for your campaigns. In addition, it also shows the match type effectiveness and wasted ad spending in your campaigns.

Not only that, but the Amazon PPC audit tool also provides data-driven action items to improve your campaigns, something you won't find on seller central or in Amazon's ad reports.

Amazon ppc audit

How to Use SellerApp’s Amazon PPC Audit Tool Insights?

The SellerApp PPC audit tool makes it simple to discover improvement opportunities to optimize your campaigns. It provides comprehensive insights by analyzing campaigns, keywords, and match types to help you achieve your target ACoS.

More than just a tool, SellerApp is also an all-inclusive advertising hub. From detailed keyword research to advanced PPC automation, you get everything you need to manage and run campaigns that drive sales. So log in now and start optimizing your advertising strategy with SellerApp!

Amazon ppc audit tool

Maximize returns, minimize effort. Start automating your PPC campaigns now!

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