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Amazon Ads Automation

Our next-gen data-driven Amazon agency software will ensure end-to-end optimization of ad campaigns according to your business needs and help you achieve your goals in no time



Don’t waste time on manual work. Let automation do it for you. Agency reports combine advertising, sales data at ASIN/category level. Use our platform to save cost, time and streamline business


Insights and Intelligence

Get data-driven insights using SellerApp's advanced tools, product intelligence, keyword research, competitive intelligence, and more. Access category benchmarks for better decisions


Business Monitoring

Track visibility of your client’s brand at SKU level and customer demand on their specific category and sub-category, critical metrics such as rankings, positions, listing desirability, niche growth etc

The world’s best brands use SellerApp



Personalized training on Amazon ads

360-degree client business audit

Guides and materials as per client taxonomy

Ongoing Support

Dedicated PPC expert on your rescue

Business objective analysis for strategic solutions

Regular ad and overall business reports

Acceleration & Optimization

Assistance in ad spend analysis against business goals

Get expert guidance throughout client’s ad roadmap

Streamline Amazon selling operations with real-time insights and opportunities

Repository and data integration

Enterprise-level data integration for granular campaign control

You can seamlessly integrate all the PPC data from your enterprise repository with SellerApp to get granular control over your campaigns and access KPIs in an instant. Access all your Amazon PPC data in one place, presented lucidly, without having to manually transfer any data. Unlike Seller Central, SellerApp stores all your valuable data for longer than 60 days which proves indispensable while making any critical decisions in the ensuing days.

Granular level data reports for managed services

Top-level analysis

Single dashboard reporting with all-inclusive KPI representation

It gives you a top-level view of all accounts which makes it easy for brand managers, account managers as well as multiple other teams at different levels of hierarchy in an agency to analyze and assimilate the data however they deem fit. We furnish our clients with plenty of additional amazon advertising reporting like category level and market research reports along with providing updates on weekly numbers and data.

Amazon top level analysis software for ecommerce agencies

Advertising automation software

Ensure state-of-the-art ad optimization for maximum ROI

Automate all advertising actions with AI and predefined rule-sets based on best practices and improve your positioning with our amazon ppc agency software. Cut down on the manual hours spent on optimization as SellerApp lets you define your PPC metrics, set a target ACoS or RoAS, and our algorithms will take over to help you achieve your target KPIs.

Best ecommerce Advertising automation software for amazon

Accounts Monitoring

Monitor BSR, Keywords, Search Rankings, Desirability aspects

We understand that you can’t monitor every aspect of your Amazon business so we do it for you. SellerApp monitors and tracks key business metrics round-the-clock to give timely alerts on every facet that needs immediate attention. We monitor the impact of the changes made as well depending on how it is aligning with your business goals. We monitor and provide alerts on a range of critical aspects like listing quality, hijacker alerts, Buy Box, price, inventory, budget, changes in BSR, keyword ranking, discoverability and desirability of a listing, and more. With SellerApp, you can customize the alerts you want to get notified on and define the conditions for which you would like to trigger an alert.

Realtime advertising audit reports for better optimization

Why agencies choose SellerApp


Result-driven AI-powered bidding


Granular level market analysis


Multiple Client Handling


Top Level Analysis


Dedicated Amazon PPC Expert


Product SEO automation


Personalized Reporting


Client Business Audit

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“SellerApp’s tools have helped me find a product to sell successfully on Amazon and also optimize my search ranks. What I wanted was an all in one Amazon tool.”

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