SellerPrime is now SellerApp

We’ve got exciting news to share  – SellerPrime has a new name – SellerApp“!

An important chapter in the mission to unleash our fullest potential, this name change is to emphasize our commitment to helping our customers build an identity in the huge world of e-commerce and selling.

This is just the start of great things that are yet to come!

SellerPrime is now SellerApp Amazon


  • You’ll start to notice changes in the way our website looks
  • Lot many feature additions

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We are obsessively passionate on self-empowerment and our mission is to help more than 1 million e-commerce sellers achieve success. We are excited to simplify Amazon selling for everyone through technology, community, and education.

The SellerPrime Team has always admired our customers’ ambitions to grow. We are committed to building a complete platform that empowers Amazon sellers and entrepreneurs with the best analytics to reach the top. Renaming to SellerApp is the first step in this process.

Simply put, we make selling on Amazon easier and smarter.

The rebranding of SellerPrime will help us attain new market potential, touch global growth objectives and develop stronger customer relationships, giving us a competitive advantage while offering our customers more capabilities.

We have come a long way from the day we started. As we begin this process of rebranding, the SellerApp team would like to THANK ALL OUR CUSTOMERS and ASSOCIATES. Without you, this would not be possible, and we look forward to a successful year with all of you.

SellerApp Founded: December 2016 By Dilip VamananBrij Purohit

Here’s to Seller App Amazon and Much more to come! 

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