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How to use the Amazon Product Source Tool?

  1. Enter the product name in the Amazon Product Sourcing Tool
  2. Tip: Be as specific as possible in your search to get the most relevant results

  3. Check the data in the Amazon Product Source Tool to choose the most optimal product manufacturer
  4. Tip: It is always safe to approach 2-3 suppliers for the same product. Compare the quality and then choose the best

Why use SellerApp's Amazon Product Source Tool?

amazon product sourcing
  • The perfect tool for a full-time or a part-time seller

    We do all the research from the best e-commerce sites and put up a list of the best suppliers for Amazon product sourcing.

  • Time Efficient Amazon Product Source Tool

    Brings all the critical data into one place like the URL of the supplier company, supplier history, costs, etc.

  • Puts you in front of the competition

    You review the deals and choose the best fit for your business and focus on more money-making opportunities.

Why should I consider sourcing products to sell on Amazon? What are the advantages of using the Amazon Product Source Tool?

  • Reduction in costs, especially labor and manufacturing costs.
  • Access to fresh research, design, and specialized intellectual capital
  • Availability of new technology and capacity. A number of companies source overseas because domestic suppliers lack the capacity and they’re not making necessary investments to stay competitive.
  • Quality
  • You can focus on the core process of marketing your product better and have the capital to invest in them.
Most profitable FBA private labels on Amazon source their product. Finding a trustworthy, capable, and reliable Amazon supplier is a challenge especially if you are new to the business. Your sourcing decisions can make or break your Amazon business.

SellerApp Features you'll love

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Amazon Index Checker

  • Check if your product is indexed for all your major target keywords.
  • Identify the terms Amazon considers to be relevant to your product.
  • Easily identify non-indexed keywords. Optimize them to rank higher for long tail keywords.

Amazon Keyword Research

  • Top Keywords for Amazon SEO and PPC. For maximum product visibility.
  • Best Keyword Suggestions. Get a sneak peek into keywords you never thought of.
  • Filtering and Sorting Options. To discover the best keywords for your product.

Amazon Product Keyword

  • Extract keywords from your listings. Discover the exact customer search terms.
  • Pro Competitor Keyword Lookup Tool. Boost your organic ranks as well as paid ads with excellent keywords from competitor listings.
  • Detailed Keyword Data. Search volume, where the keyword is used, and the cpc rates for the keyword, and more
SellerApp is a great tool which has combined multiple functions from product tracking and keyword research, to listing management for which we had to use several different services previously. A new way for sellers to optimize time and cost, making things quicker and easier.Harris

Frequently Asked Questions

Enter the keyword of the product you want to sell on the Amazon Product Source tool and get a list of Amazon suppliers for your product with the price per unit and other useful information . Compare the suppliers and find the best supplier who meets your strategy.

It is an extremely easy and high profiting business provided you take the right decisions. Especially to source China products. First find the right product to sell, zero down the manufacturer of the product and pick the manufacturer that best suits your business strategy. Verify the authenticity of the product and the supplier, ship the products, and clear the other legal requirements to start selling on Amazon.

SellerApp does the most important task to simplify your Amazon product sourcing process. The crucial and time-consuming work of consolidating verified, legitimate and trustworthy suppliers found on various e-commerce platforms is achieved in a matter of seconds using Amazon product source tool.

Lower manufacturing cost - The obvious reason to opt for factories in China. Lower cost = Better sales

Better Service - Most Chinese factories and companies are willing to work with startups that order minimally and can equally handle bulk quantities.

Time Bound Production - Higher output and quicker time

Importing from China involves various activities. Identify the import rights to your product, classify your goods, find the right supplier and place an order, clear the legalities and arrange for the shipment and track it.

Alibaba sourcing is advantageous in many ways. You can find millions of products and numerous sellers for every particular product. The cost of the product that you will get in Alibaba is much cheaper from the sellers in your country.This will allow you to earn a higher margin in your country by selling the same product as others with cheaper selling price fetching you more profit and sales. You can also become a very profitable FBA Private label seller by sourcing your products

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