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How to use the Free Amazon Brand Registry Search?

  1. Toggle and choose between the US patented trademarks and the Europe Trademark in the Amazon Brand Registry Search to choose the trademark records
  2. Enter the search term/ trademark that you are looking to get branded. The Amazon Brand Search picks up all the trademark records associated with that term. Active and inactive.

What can you do with the Amazon Brand Registry Search Tool?

amazon brand registry
  • Search the USPTO and EUIPO database for Free

    Search the database for registrations and applications for trademarked products. Save the expense of applying for a trademark in which you will likely not receive a registration.

  • Complete Data Access with the Amazon Brand Registry Search Tool

    Access trademark pictures, number, application time and trademark status of applicants and registered marks.

Register your business brand, slogan or logo for a trademark on Amazon Brand Registry and get better brand protection on Amazon.

Stay one step ahead and do your diligence before launching your brand with a trademark. Stay wary of trademark infringement issues. Trademarks are critical assets. Consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by trademarks. Distinctly identify your business from competitors.
Amazon typically supports Amazon Brand Registered Sellers in case of a listing infringement or hijacker attack. Amazon also provides additional brand registry support, search tools and reports to Amazon Brand Registered Sellers.

Why are online brand protection, and trademark infringement on Amazon a big deal?

  • If the brand that you sell has an infringing trademark, the owner of a similar trademark might file a lawsuit. You may be sued and forced to pay damages and give up rights to using the trademark, wasting your effort, time and money.
  • Sellers on Amazon are not allowed to create listings or brand pages that infringe trademark rights.
  • Risk confusion in the marketplace where someone confuses a different brand with yours.
  • Choosing a high-risk trademark might end up absorbing your sales or sometimes worse reduce your brand value by selling similar but poor quality goods/services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A legally registered distinct sign, design or expression that differentiates a particular company or a brand from the others.

Trademarks help brands with protection against unauthorized sellers on Amazon.

Eg. If someone buys your trademarked product that you manufacture overseas and imports it without your consent, you can file a lawsuit for trademark infringement. Trademarks also influence customer behavior and loyalty.

Brands registered on Amazon Brand Registry can access powerful tools including proprietary text and image search, predictive automation based on your reports of suspected intellectual property rights violations, and increased authority over product listings with your brand name.

Register your product on Trademark Registry for a trademark.Amazon does not accept applications whose trademarks are not approved.

Share the Trademark certificate with the brand registry team to request for Amazon Brand Registry.

Manufacturers or brand owners

Distributors, resellers and people with written permission from a brand owner or manufacturer to manage a product’s detail page on Amazon.

The Brand Registry program is free.

Yes. Amazon provides a public Report Infringement form for reporting alleged infringements such as trademark, patent and copyright infringements and concerns. Both buyers and sellers can report. You can access it here.

A design, logo, symbol, numeral(s), word(s), phrase, symbol, or any combination of these. Even sounds and smells are trademarked in some places!

Yes, it is. Amazon accepts products to be enrolled in the Amazon Brand registry only after the trademark process is complete.

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