Amazon Early Reviewer program

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Amazon Early Reviewer Program

  • Gathering the first view reviews for your product is the most difficult. You need Sales to generate reviews. And reviews to get sales. It’s a vicious cycle!

Amazon Early Reviewer program
  • With Amazon banning incentivized reviews, it has become quite difficult to generate reviews for new product launches. Especially for 3rd party Sellers.The Early Reviewer Program is introduced by Amazon to help sellers get those early reviews and shoppers make smarter buying decisions.

    Amazon Early Reviewer program is a win win for both shoppers and sellers. Sellers get more exposure to their product and buyers get a small reward for sharing their opinion. Reviews from the Amazon early reviewer program are distinguished and identified by an orange early reviewer program badge.

Things a Seller must know about Amazon Early Reviewer program

  • Exclusive for U.S. brand registered products (Amazon brand registry)

    Your product must cost at least $15

    You must have less than 5 reviews for the product

    Sellers can choose the product(s) ASIN to be reviewed, but not the reviewer.

    You cannot influence the reviewer or the review content in any way

    Once your product is reviewed in the early reviewer program it is nearly impossible to remove the review, provided it meets Amazon’s community guidelines.

    The reviewers are customers who have already purchased your product. And they will receive small early reviewer rewards e.g., a $1-$3 Gift Card for the review irrespective of whether it is a 5 star or a 1 star review.

    A seller will pay $60 for each eligible SKU, which is charged once a SKU gains a review. Amazon will continue to gather reviews for each SKU for 1 year, or until 5 reviews are received through the program (whichever is sooner)redict the outcome of your hard work with accurate keyword volume estimates

How to join Early Reviewer program ?

You can access the early reviewer program in your Seller Central portal under the Advertising tab.(For brand registered Sellers)

  • Enroll your brand in Amazon Brand Registry

    To be eligible for the early reviewer program you must be brand registered. If you are not yet registered in it, do an Trademark Search first before registering your brand. Once you register, it may take up to 72 hours before you can access the Early Reviewer Program portal.

  • Prepare your CSV Template

    To submit products for enrollment, upload your eligible SKUs in the template. up to 100 products can be uploaded at once. SKUs must be parent-level or stand-alone. Child SKUs are automatically enrolled with the parent.

  • amazon-early-review
  • Upload your products

    On the completion of enrolling your products, upload the template containing the eligible SKU’s. On uploading the template, you agree to Amazon’s terms and conditions for the program and also agree to be charged $60 per each SKU enrolled into the program. Amazon will continue gathering reviews for each SKU up to 1 year from the date of enrollment or until 5 reviews are gathered (whichever happens first).

  • amazon-early-review
  • Refresh your submission status

    Finally, a seller can view the status of his or her submission within the portal. The uploaded file, along with the number of accepted products, number of products not accepted, and total uploaded products will show up in the Submission History & Product Enrollment Details section at the bottom of the page.

  • amazon-early-review

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