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Amazon Message center makes way for easy communication with the sellers

  • Amazon Message Center is also known as Amazon Buyer-Seller messaging service that helps buyers and sellers to discuss the needs and requirements. It helps buyers to leave their feedback, discuss the issues with the products and understand the usage of the products. On the other hand, it helps sellers to solve customer queries and answer their questions easily. It brings an opportunity for the sellers and buyers to connect and discuss their concerns and take the business deal to a new level.

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Quick tips to use Amazon Message Center efficiently

  • Managing Conversations with Customers

    Login to the Amazon dashboard to see the label ‘conversation’ that’s located right on the top corner. Amazon Message center allows you to manage the conversations with the customers. The buyers can post their queries and the sellers are alerted everything a buyer posts their queries through the Amazon Message center.

  • Message filters

    The messages from the buyers are filtered into different sections which makes it easier for the sellers to sort them. This messaging app allows the seller to assign the messages/ queries to relevant team members to continue the conversation.

  • Effective ways of managing the messaging center

    The end result of this tool is to answer customer concerns and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Immediate response by the seller improve customer trust

    Amazon Message center works well as a two-way communication. The sellers have the best opportunity to get in touch with the customers. Quick and immediate response and resolution to their questions are welcome. This also improves the buyer-seller relationship.

  • Active participation

    It works as a source for the buyers to gain more knowledge on the features of the product. Active participation of the seller, immediate reply, accurate answers fetches great deals. Sellers must ensure that every question is answered. It is important to keep the customers engaged and follow up whenever needed.

    Proper management and usage of Amazon Message Center may help buyers and sellers to gain a better experience while shopping online. Providing the exact email address, contact information would result in better response rate.

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