Amazon Verified Purchase Reviews

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What does it mean for your product to receive Amazon verified purchase reviews? Why are Amazon verifications important to your product’s success? How can you ensure that you maximise your reviews as Amazon verified?


Amazon has become the virtual marketplace for anything that a customer might need; it has also become the marketplace for anything that the customer might dream of needing.And, as the customers’ needs increase, the competition of the sellers providing the same product also proportionally increases. The competition becomes stringent and stiff. In this environment, it is of utmost importance that your product wins the trust of the customers. Amazon Verified Purchase reviews is a great source to gain the same.

What is Amazon Verified Purchase Reviews?

  • Amazon Verified Purchase Review is a yardstick to measure the honesty and credibility of the feedback or review that has been forwarded by the customer of your product. While people can provide feedback at random, the verification by Amazon translates to the fact that these verified reviews are approved by the Amazon team. To be approved by Amazon, the review has to come from a customer who has purchased your product through Amazon.

    Why should you pay attention to Amazon Verified Purchase Reviews?

    When a review by a customer of your product is approved by Amazon as Amazon verified purchase review, it becomes the first reviews for your product to show up. Further, it can be voted by other customers, seeking a decision on whether not to buy your product, as helpful. This gives the review section the much-needed as well as opens up the space for conversation between a customer who has bought the product as well as customers who are seeking honest opinions on the product. The fact that a significant entity like Amazon verifies it strengthens the value of the review, and therefore, the product.

What can you do to ensure Amazon Verified Purchase Reviews?

  • Do not provide deep/ heavy discounts in exchange for reviews to your customers.

  • Provide a succinct and clear instructional brief about how to leave reviews on Amazon and also to check the box which would enable it to be marked as Amazon Verified Purchase Review.

  • Customize and create a powerful feedback mechanism.

  • Be aware of the importance of strategies that make your product most desirable to the customer, and the importance of reviews in the same.