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How to use Buyer-Seller messaging to acquire Amazon verified purchase reviews

Amazon Message Center, commonly considered to be Amazon Buyer-Seller messaging service, is a feature that allows buyers and sellers on Amazon to communicate directly and discuss any issues, claims, feedback, or suggestions related to the purchase. This service can be accessed within a user’s individual account.

Over the years, Amazon sellers have realized that reviews are an important factor in generating sales. They also realized that it is a crucial factor in Amazon’s ranking algorithm. Therefore, in a bid to game the system and get easy reviews to drive more sales, many merchants started buying Amazon reviews, also commonly referred to as fake reviews. Amazon soon identified this problem and came up with a fix - enter Amazon Verified Product Reviews.

how to get amazon verified purchase reviews

What are Amazon Verified Purchase Reviews?

Amazon Verified Purchase Review is a yardstick to measure the authenticity and credibility of the feedback or review that has been left by customers on products. While people can provide feedback at random, the verification by Amazon translates to the fact that the Amazon team has verified these reviews. And to be approved by Amazon, the review has to come from a customer who has purchased the product through the site.

That’s right, for a review to have the Verified Purchase badge, it should have come from a customer who has legitimately bought the product on Amazon through his/her account. Amazon actually checks this, and if a customer left a review without buying the product, the badge will just not appear.

For a product review to earn the verified badge, there is another criterion to be fulfilled - the customers leaving the reviews should not have received the product at a ‘deep discount.’ While Amazon does not explicitly mention what comprises a deep discount, it is safe to assume that it won’t consider anything that looks suspiciously close to giving away products at a heavy discount to get reviews.

The bottom line here is that Amazon wants its customers to have an excellent, genuine shopping experience and consequently, they want its product reviews to be as authentic as possible. These verified purchase reviews on Amazon serve as attempts to eliminate the fake reviews and so far, they have been absolutely successful.

Why do these Amazon Verified Purchase Reviews matter?

When customers review a product on the marketplace that is, in turn, approved by Amazon, it becomes among the first reviews for the product to show up. Furthermore, it can be voted by other customers, seeking a decision on whether not to buy the product, as helpful. This gives the review section the much-needed traction.

It also opens up the space for conversation between a customer who has bought the product as well as customers who are seeking honest opinions on the product. Since potential customers cannot test the product online before purchasing it, they rely on testimonials left by others to make their decisions. The fact that a significant entity like Amazon verifies it strengthens the value of the review, and therefore, the product.

By now, it has also been established that reviews play an important role in getting sales. And sales history is an essential metric in Amazon’s ranking algorithm. The sheer connection between reviews and ranking should be enough for sellers to make them pay attention to earning verified reviews. A product with several positive verified purchase reviews will have more chances of getting a conversion than an item with unverified reviews or negative reviews.

What can you do to get verified purchase reviews for Amazon?

Before we proceed, there is one thing that we need to make explicitly clear - you cannot buy Amazon Verified Purchase Reviews. Or, to put it in other words - do not buy Amazon Verified Purchase Reviews.

The whole idea here is to have a review system that is honest and legitimate and attempting to game it further will not bode well. With that in mind, let us look at some of the ways sellers can get Amazon Verified Purchase Reviews:

  • To get the reviews, sellers need to drive sales - this is important. The sales can be boosted through a plethora of means like Sponsored Product Ads, social media campaigns and marketing, having a high-quality listing page optimized for conversion
  • Discounts and promotions can also be created to drive traffic, but they should not be ‘heavy.’ A 20% discount is a good benchmark to promote the products
  • Make sure that the product is of high quality. Customers may not be inclined to leave positive reviews if the product they have received is not up to their standards.
  • Inventory management and shipping should be on point. It should be precise, smooth, and quick for utmost customer satisfaction

Amazon Verified Purchase Reviews are among the few major ways to get product listings on top of the search results and drive more sales. These verified reviews add to the quality and trust of the product and must be taken seriously. Invest in quality over quantity and ensure that there are necessary strategies in place to drive traffic to the product listing.

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