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Amazon Keyword tips for increased search visibility and conversions on Amazon

The keywords for your Amazon product should have high search volume, less competition and should have a good relevance to your product.

Keyword research is something you’ll not want to take lightly if you are looking towards making good sales and profits on Amazon. Keyword research is the foundation to a successful listing. It’s worth spending the time to hunt down a diverse collection that will help increase your product’s visibility.

Amazon Keyword tips

Here are a few important Amazon keyword tips to increase your search visibility and conversions on Amazon

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Target Search engine

Amazon’s algorithm does not work the same as Google. Amazon’s search algorithm has its own criterion to filter product listing for every search. Understand the working of the A9 algorithm to analyze how it works.


The target audience is an important factor when it comes to shortlisting keywords. There is always a difference in the search terms entered by different kinds of audience. The closer you can think like your potential audience, the better you will fare in your keyword search.

Use a Keyword research tool

Gone are the days when you use the paper and pencil or excel spreadsheets to shortlist keywords for your Amazon product. SellerApp’s Amazon Keyword Research tool helps you shortlist the best keywords relevant to your product based on 10 different filters. You can also track the performance of these shortlisted Amazon keywords.

Long Tail Keywords

It is recommended to vouch on long-tail keywords, because they’re easier and more profitable to target. They are a terrific way to get your product ranked high in Amazon search and improve the overall sales of your product. For most of them, you won’t face any significant competition. Most top brands are beginning to see the potential in longer keywords, specifically long tail phrases. You can use Amazon auto-suggested keywords in your product listings. Auto suggested keywords have more search volume and therefore more buying potential

Competitor keywords

You can learn a lot from your best competitors. Competitor keywords can be a very potential start to understand their strategies. Find out why competitor products outrank yours by understanding their keywords.

Backend search terms

Optimize your Amazon Backend Keywords. Backend terms are the keywords that work for your product list but you don’t want to enter in the product listing. There are a few solid rules for defining your backend search terms. Do not repeat keywords. Utilise the entire 1000 character limit but prioritise the first 250 terms. Amazon indexes only the first 250 words in the backend search terms. Enter spelling variations, local terms for a product.

Track the performance of your keywords

Keyword tracking is equally essential to understand the performance of your keywords. Track keywords to constantly improve your search rank and selling rate.

Amazon PPC

Amazon PPC ads can be started in order to boost the visibility of your product line and help increase sales.Once you track keywords, you understand which keywords you should buy in order to get better sales you can start Amazon PPC for your products. Even if your product already ranks at the top of Amazon’s search results, it could still make sense to run Amazon PPC campaigns for it. The goal, in this case, is to defend your own top positions and to avoid losing sales to the competition who is also running Sponsored Products ads.

Does it look difficult and huge? Don’t get overwhelmed at the complexity. To ease your work and to make your listings even more visible, it’s crucial you have the right software tool. All you have to do is sign up today for your 7-days free trial with SellerApp.

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