JumpSend (Launch) Review: Is It Worth For Your Amazon Sales?

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If you have been selling on Amazon for a while now, you know how hard it is to gain traction.

Undeniably, “Product Reviews” play a very important role to get more sales. But to get sales, you need reviews. And to get more sales, you will have to rank for primary keywords organically on Amazon SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

This seems like a never-ending loop.

So, how can you achieve this?

Well, JumpSend could be a helping hand here or perhaps, an entry point toboost your sales. Though there are a sea of tools to help boost your Amazon sales, JumpSend is a brand name that is often talked about.

Ever wondered why?

Well, it serves a sole purpose: It helps sellers like you to gain more reviewsand sales. It does this in various ways. So, stay with me to learn about them, as I am going to give a detailed JumpSend review today.

JumpSend & Jungle Scout have been operating as two separate applications but from the same company. However, on 22 May 2019, the company decided to rebrand it and merged Jump Send with Jungle Scout. This merge was smooth. The company moved all the existing seller accounts and its associated data successfully.

Though shoppers can create their accounts directly on the JumpSend’s website, for sellers, the page redirects to Jungle Scout.

Quick Guide:

  1. What is JumpSend?
  2. How Does JumpSend Work?
  3. Features of JumpSend
  4. Is JumpSend Really Worth?
  5. Pros and Cons of JumpSend
  6. JumpSend vs. Viral Launch
  7. JumpSend vs. Zonmaster
  8. JumpSend Review: What’s My Take?

What is JumpSend Exactly?

JumpSend is an online tool that helps boost retail sales, enhances the analysis levels, and increases your product’s reach to customers. The tool comes from the makers of “Jungle Scout,” which offers solutions to help Amazon sellers to get both reviews and sales.

JumpSend basically has a marketplace with more than 100,000 active shoppers who are looking for product promotions and deals. It also features an auto-responder for shoppers to communicate with sellers after they have bought their products.

Overall, it is a tool, which makes reaching to your target audience much easily than before. Since it is product specific, you’ll have the entire information required to rectify or correct any error that you would have made.

Jumpsend Launch

How Does JumpSend Work?

JumpSend features a marketplace with 100,000+ avid shoppers actively searching for deals. So for sellers like you, this platform serves as a great opportunity to promote your products to.

Since it features an auto-responder to connect with shoppers after they have bought your products, things turn out to be easier.

So, this means that you can right away start selling for smaller discounts to their huge customer base. Further, you can communicate with your customers to increase the possibilities of leaving you a review, provided that:

  • Your product quality is great
  • You have offered a good deal
  • You kept them happy with your service

JumpSend has different components, which work hand-in-hand to help you achieve:

  • Higher sales
  • Improves sales rankings
  • More positive reviews
  • Less negative reviews

Of course, you have other ways to help you get to this but they are hard and takes time. These include:

  • Amazon sponsored ads (very competitive)
  • Influencer marketing (requires deep knowledge)
  • Facebook Ads (needs expertise)
  • Discounts & promotions (can make or break the deal)

And unless, you are too good at running promotional campaigns, you shouldn’t even think of them. Else, you will end up losing all your hard-earned money.

JumpSend lets you to make your initial sales in a distinctive way. As a user at JumpSend, you can start creating promotion codes to feature your product in the “deals” section for everyone to see.

Also, creating codes for discounts is far easier than listing your products for a lower price to drive preliminary sales. Also, lower price sometimes portrays lower quality or cheap, increasing the chances of giving you poor reviews.

how jumpsend works

However, with JumpSend, the case is different. Not necessary that a buyer will leave a review but when he or she gets a great discount or buys it from you for a great deal, there are big chances for him or her leave a “positive” review and spread out the word to other potential buyers.

Besides this, the tool also has automated system for email follow up, which enables you to nudge buyers proactively to write reviews. Since it gathers emails from shoppers who use their deals marketplace, emails can be sent easily.

Once someone buys a product from you, JumpSend lets you to schedule emails to catch them to request them to write a review.

What I liked the best about JumpSend is that it has some pre-designed templates to help you customize your emails. You can also attach digital bonuses in the email when someone buys products from you.

Say, for instance, if you are selling sports or gym accessories, you could attach a free 30-day workout or fitness plan as PDF.

Features of JumpSend

  • Launch platform: To distribute coupons
  • Customer reviews: To boost sales and get more reviews

The other one is the email responder, which is an online tool that integrates to Seller Central for automating your Amazon emails.

However, talking of the two features mentioned above, they have their own perks, as the platform possesses a wide customer base.

jumpsend features

1. Launch Platform

what is amazon jumpsend

This is a feature where JumpSend will help you to launch products in a way that you can scale your selling business on Amazon with the help of promotional giveaways.

Promo giveaways means that you will have to offer a big discount for your products to potential shoppers. Once, you have created these “promo giveaways,” you can start publishing or spreading the news on:

  • User groups (WhatsApp, telegram, etc.)
  • Amazon community forums
  • A few relevant subreddits
  • Social media sites
  • Relevant blogs

Besides the above, JumpSend also offers a feature called Inventory Protection, which helps in preventing users from purchasing too many units of your product and leaving you to restock.

This feature is highly useful if you are launching a new product on Amazon. You will be able to outrank the top sellers soon because you are reaching customers outside Amazon to increase your product’s visibility.

It is also a great way to obtain a short-term improvement in sales velocity and clear surplus stock, further preventing you from paying long-term fees on storage.

2. Customer Reviews

This is another great feature that JumpSend offers.

It helps you to get more positive reviews and enhance your organic rankings on Amazon by increasing the customer experience. Wondering how? Well, it auto-targets the shoppers at the right time – that it after the product has been delivered to the customer.

The promotional emails that you send can be automated to boost sales velocity, handle all your returns effectively, and outrank all your competitors by being compliant with Amazon policies.

Jumpsend gives 4 distinct triggers to send emails (auto pilot), which are:

  • Once the customer has bought your product
  • Once the product is shipped
  • Once the product is delivered
  • Once the customer requests for a refund

In addition, you can set triggers by “days of delay.” Say, for instance, you can send a feedback request two days after the product has been delivered.

Is JumpSend Really Worth?

To know if JumpSend is truly worth or not, let’s consider a real-time scenario here. Let’s say that you have just started as an Amazon Seller and have launched a few of your products at its marketplace.

You will do a little bit of keyword research, analyze your competitors’ listings, and finally set competitive prices for your products.

Sounds all good.

Sooner or later, you will realize that you haven’t generated much sales besides keeping the prices so low.

You may set your product’s price for $15. However, if your product is new with no reviews, things can get difficult even to sell for $15.


Chances are that there is huge competition for the product on the same price. Moreover, people who pay standard prices are not likely to leave any review even if they love the product.

And trust me, customers will be more willing and happy to leave 1-star or 2-star reviews even if they encounter the smallest problem.

I have seen many products failing at Amazon just because their initial reviews were of 1-star. What’s even more irritating is that many reviews that customers write on Amazon are unrelated or unjustified when we consider a product’s quality.

Say, for instance, “I ordered a wrong product and now I want to return it – 1 star,” “The package was left outside my home and it got wet in the rain. So, 1 star.”

Sadly, not many new customers go through the reviews. They just see those stars and move on to the next seller who has higher number of positive ratings.

To overcome this situation, you might reduce the product’s price to $10, thinking that it is a wonderful strategy to pull some sales. But what you are not realizing is that you will lose your profit margins significantly.

If you really want to compensate this, you will have to sell more products. And while doing so, possibilities are that you might run out of stock, which again, will drop your organic rankings on Amazon badly.

For sellers who are new, JumpSend is worth putting your money in. This is an all-in-one tool, which takes care of major things related to your selling business.

Moreover, automating your emails, promotions, and email sequences are easy with this tool, helping you to save your time and money in the long run. And if you have an Amazon Store, this is extremely great. So, whether you are an established seller or a new seller, this is totally worth.

JumpSend or “Launch” – Is There Anything New?

When JumpSend merged with Jungle Scout, they renamed it to “Launch.”

Indeed, this was a wise move, as it enhanced the JumpSend’s facilities in different ways. If a seller did not have an account on Jungle Scout, by signing-up, he or she will have access to both Launch’s (or JumpSend) and Jungle Scouts’ features.

jumpsend feedback

Let’s look how “Launch” is a great improvement.

1. Email Campaigns

jumpsend review

Earlier, email campaigns on JumpSend were handled at an account level, meaning that there were certain restrictions. However, Launch lets you to two things at a marketplace level:

  • Create your email campaign
  • Manage your email campaign

So, this means that the view option for every market that you sell on is separate. This allows you to create multiple promotion strategies for both UK and the US. What’s even more fascinating is that you can change your language and create customized content based on the region you are selling on.

2. “Product Activation” Feature

All products at Jungle Scout’s seller plan are active. Since this activation comes down to the number of orders you get on your seller account, unless or until you deactivate every product manually, email campaigns & promotions on these items can be executed for unlimited time.

3. The Pricing

pricing of jumpsend

The pricing plans of JumpSend were self-assigned, depending on the product limit. Due to this, the number of campaigns & promotions, which ran for various products were also restricted.

But now, with “Launch,” the limit depends on the number of orders your Amazon seller account processes within a timeframe of 30 days. So, this means that all the promotional features will be accessible for each product that has been listed.

Now, if you already have a JumpSend account operating under a plan, you will not be charged additionally other than what you have paid for “Launch.”

Simultaneously, you can access both Launch’s & Jungle Scout’s features. But once your JumpSend’s plan expires, you will be automatically shifted to Jungle Scout’s plan. And the good news is that everything still stays the same – be its features or billing.

On the other hand, if you are an existing Jungle Scout’s user, with “Launch” in addition, you can upgrade your seller plan. And if you have both - Jungle Scout & Launch accounts, then you will not be charged anything extra. But as soon as your billing plan that you are already in expires, the Jungle Scout’s plan automatically works with your seller plan.

4. Multiple Users

A few Jungle Scout’s plans allows you to add multiple users, or perhaps, “sub users,” where you can can send them an invitation to join but they’ll have to login with their credentials in order to use your account.

With this, you can maintain your account’s security and eliminate the sub-user if he or she turns out to be unfaithful for your business. However, the positive side is that you will have sub-users to assist you to manage your account the times when you are not available.

Pros and Cons of JumpSend

So, here are the advantages and disadvantages of JumpSend in my perspective:


1. Cost-effective when compared to Paid Ads

Since JumpSend Marketplace has more than 100,000 buyers, it typically means that you can get more sales easily from here rather than trying to get from other means like Facebook ads or other paid ads.

2. Amazon compliant

Okay, so this is somewhere you will have a relief at. You no longer have to worry if this tool adheres to all the Amazon guidelines because it truly does. Obviously, there is no point in using a tool or system that will end you up with an “account ban” or “account suspension.” JumpSend is 100% Amazon compliant and it in fact, is developed to be that way. So, you will not get lose reviews or be suspended after using it.

3. Good sales opportunity for new sellers

After reading a lot of reviews, seeing through a few community forums, and using it myself personally, I can tell you that Jumpsend is helpful for new sellers, especially while launching new products because it helps you get your initial sales. This paves the way to increase your organic rankings on Amazon. Besides boosting your sales, it fetches you extra reviews through its auto-responder feature.

4. JumpSend Shoppers are already familiar with their coupon codes

Shoppers who are members at JumpSend already know how to use their coupon codes. Most buyers will have trouble understanding things, making to leave negative reviews. And if there is any doubt, they have 24/7 customer support team to assist.

5. Excellent customer support

The makers of this tool are well known for their customer support. Even I had an issue but it was quickly resolved. Hardly in 15 minutes. So, I would rate them 10/10.

6. Consistent sales

JumpSend is a perfect way to generate sales consistently. Say, for example, if you need 20 sales per day to rank for a few competitive keywords or product category and if you are getting only 15, then you can giveaway 5 products daily on JumpSend to have consistent sales. This also makes sure that you rank on Amazon SERPs.

7. Helps get more reviews

Though there isn’t any assurance that you’ll get more product reviews, if you get good amount of sales, the chances of customer leaving their reviews also increases. This is possible because JumpSend has an inbuilt autoresponder, which helps you to communicate with your customers and offer them value.


1. Does not work with all products

JumpSend does not work for all products that are sold on Amazon. A good example for this is Kindle ebooks. You can promote items that are listed only in your seller central account.

2. You cannot choose the shoppers to sell

Amazon modified their policies to disallow platforms that provide discount codes “only” to shoppers who are more likely to leave you reviews. Considering this, JumpSend also follows the same so that your account isn’t suspended. Though this is a good thing but it still might be a drawback to a few.

3. Does not work for all marketplaces

Right now, JumpSend works only for the UK & US marketplaces. But hopefully, they will expand this soon. However, for now, not all can use it.

4. Discounts that are more than 50% aren’t counted as “verified” reviews

Now, this problem can affect your overall sales if another seller on JumpSend is selling the same product but for a bigger discount. Also, if you offer products for over 50% discount, and even if customers leave a positive review, Amazon won’t display as “verified review” on it.

JumpSend vs. Viral Launch

When JumpSend & ViralLaunch are compared, ViralLaunch wins it because the platform is much better. The marketplace gives a higher reach with 350,000+ active shoppers whereas at JumpSend, there are only 100,000+ shoppers. Also, you can use ViralLaunch in different countries.

JumpSend vs. Zonmaster

I don’t really think that it is a good idea to compare Apples with Apples. But if I really had to pick one, I would prefer Zonmaster instead of JumpSend. Well, the reason isn’t just the price alone. The kind of automation that Zonmaster offers is truly great. Moreover, it doesn’t dress up its features with a fancy language. Rather, it says what it exactly sells.

Of course, JumpSend has great features, but they are more suited for either new businesses or small businesses. The tool might not be the “best buy,” as it has restrictions on the number of promotions you can run. However, Zonmaster has no such limitations and this makes it a clear choice for me.

JumpSend Review: What’s My Take?

Throughout different Amazon communities, JumpSend is well-known and for valid reasons. Their tools provide a great advantage for every Amazon seller out there – be it new or established.

Also, the tool comes at an affordable price, making it easy for any seller who is on a marketing budget. Even if you want to drive traffic on your own, you can anytime run JumpSend promotions.

Since it uses drag & drop feature, the tool is extremely easy to use. Exclusively designed for new product launches, JumpSend helps you to:

  • Boost your rankings
  • Appear on top results
  • Manage your returns effectively

With this tool, the way you schedule your emails and make your business flourish with every purchase is easy.

It lets you to personalize your emails with pre-made templates, where you can add your business logo and write a customer’s name & information. By doing so, the engagement level increases too.

But after Amazon’s update in 2016 with their selling policies, launching new products have become more difficult. What’s even hard is to get your initial sales as well as reviews via coupon codes.

Hence, services like Jumpsend are losing their significance gradually. They emphasize towards typical Amazon auto-responders, but can’t abandon their legacy, trapping them between the two worlds and further, preventing them from discovering their target audience.