Increase Your Advertising Sales on Amazon
Increase Your Advertising Sales on Amazon

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Why Use SellerApp’s Amazon Volumetric Weight Calculator?

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Simply enter the dimensions of your Amazon parcel and we will do the rest for you. No need for any complicated calculations.

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Have multiple products of different sizes to ship? Don’t worry! Use this tool for all your products.

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Once you get the billable weight of your Amazon parcel, you can easily calculate the costs to ship it to your customers and factor in your margins.

Calculate the volumetric weight of your parcel to get a better hold on your shipping costs with the FREE Amazon Volumetric Weight Calculator.

How to Use the Amazon Shipping Weight Calculator?

Step1Select the region.
Step2Set the dimensions either to centimeters or inches, depending on your preference.
Step3Enter the length, breadth, and height of your parcel.
Step4 Hit on ‘Calculate’ and watch the magic happen. The Amazon volumetric weight will be presented to you in kilograms.

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Calculate Volumetric Weight

Volumetric Weight Calculator

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What is Volumetric Weight and Why is it Important for Your Amazon Business?

As a rule of thumb, the bigger an item, the more space it will occupy in the aircraft/shipping container and hence, the more it will cost to ship it across. Even if the item is light but is occupying a lot of space, its price will be based on the size rather than weight because it is a less efficient use of space. In other words, it is unprofitable for freight transport companies to calculate shipping costs for low-density products based on the weight since the area they take up is more in proportion to their actual mass.

Hence, the volumetric weight is calculated by multiplying the length, breadth, and height of the product, and dividing it by the volumetric factor. This volumetric factor depends on the units of measurement, and to a certain extent, the carrier used to ship the products.

Volumetric Weight

length x height x width

Volumetric Factor

Once the volumetric weight is ascertained, it is compared with the actual weight of the shipment. The greater of the two is used to calculate shipping fees.

If your Amazon business is doing very well and is serving to customers from across the world, you will need to work on your shipping plans such that the goods are transported on time, without making a hole in your pockets. You need to calculate the Amazon shipping weight of your parcel and see if it is greater or smaller than the actual weight. If it’s greater, you may want to look into reducing the size of your parcel.

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