Welcome 2022! Limited 50% OFF on SellerApp Professional Plan.
Welcome 2022! Limited 50% OFF on SellerApp Professional Plan.


Keep Track of your Amazon Rankings

Track your product's keyword ranking in the Amazon search results. Get accurate Amazon ranking data with SellerApp's Product Keyword Rank Tracker.

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SellerApp is the most accurate Amazon rank Tracking tool you'll come across. Whether you need to track your keyword positions in the Amazon search results, monitor the keyword positions or changes in the competitors' ranks… It's got it all.

Improve your Amazon Profit and Sales

Keyword Rank Tracking

Monitor changes in your Amazon search positions accurately and even real time. You can even track historic changes.

Competitor Monitoring

Wonder what makes your competitor better than you? Get insights from your competitor sellers by monitoring each change they make.

Product Rank Tracking

Track every change in your product, including the listing quality differences, buy box changes and even monitor them for a course of time.

Customizable Alerts

Want to get notified each time there is a change? SellerApp’s customizable alerts keep you informed of every change in your business.

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Accurately Track Your Amazon Keyword Ranking

The best Amazon Keyword ranking tool in the industry with the power of Competitor Intelligence. With SellerApp's Amazon Ranking tool, automate tracking the keyword ranks of your products and even your competitors' along with the Keyword Ranking History. With daily updates to the keyword data, only the most accurate and reliable data is populated on your Keyword Tracking dashboard.

Keen towards tracking real-time keyword ranking updates? The SellerApp Chrome Extension replicates the data in your SellerApp Web Dashboard to equip with the products’ keyword data you are interested in, but real time!

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Historical BSR Tracking with the Product Tracker

Automatically track the best seller rank of Amazon products as you track them for Product Intelligence. Unmatched product research & analysis with the SellerApp Amazon Sales Ranking Tools and Features.

Take a look at each shift in the ranking position with the projected sales and order volumes of each product you are tracking.

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15+ Features for All your Seller Needs

All your favourite Amazon analytics and research tools are integrated right onto one dashboard: Product search, Competitor Tracker, Keyword Research, Seller Watch, Amazon Sales Ranking Tool, Keyword Tracker and PPC Analyzer. Used together, along with the best strategies, you are sure to set yourself on a winning path. Make more profits with the least efforts.

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We think our Amazon Ranking Tools are the best in the industry. You don’t need to take our word for it though…

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“No other platform provides the same accurate ranking information and intelligence as SellerApp’s Amazon Ranking Tools. It's definitely the best tool I've ever seen. The reports are clean and include only the data that's relevant to each product.”

Carla Smith,
Carla Smith,

7 Figure Amazon(US) seller

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  • Perfect your Amazon Listing Quality

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Your Success Is Ours

When it comes to your success no other platform can match SellerApp’s focus and commitment. We take every measure to add value to your e-commerce enterprise.

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Our in-house experts will support you at every step of the selling journey. Our consultants will help define your strategies and fix what isn’t working for your Amazon business.

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Keep up with the latest seller trends and upskill with training resources crafted for you and your team.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why is it important to track your Amazon Metrics?

    Amazon is quite a competitive and challenging marketplace. With new sellers intruding into the marketplace every day. It is important to be vigilant. Tracking your metrics empowers you with data. This data is powerful and great for making informed decisions. Take PPC, for example. PPC metrics provide information to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns and optimize ad spends.Similarly, tracking each Amazon data leaves you with significant data and insights to help you improve your Amazon business - reduce spends, improve profits and sales.

  • Can I get a report of all the data I’m tracking?

  • What are the most important data metrics I have to track?

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