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The most intelligent, analytical, and accurate Amazon rank tracker your Amazon business will ever have. Analyze product listings and track their ranks against the best practices using SellerApp's Product Keyword Rank Tracker.
SellerApp's Amazon Rank Tracking Tool

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SellerApp is the most accurate Amazon rank tracking tool that continuously updates its database by capturing and analyzing billions of product data points. Whether you need to track your keyword positions in the Amazon search results, monitor the keyword positions or changes in the competitors' ranks - it has it all.

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Improve your Amazon Profit and Sales

Keyword Rank Tracking

Keyword Rank Tracking

Monitor changes in you Amazon search positions accurately and even real time. You can even track historic changes.

Competitor Monitoring

Competitor Monitoring

Wonder what makes you competitor better than you? Get insight from your competitor sellers by monitoring each change they make.

Product Rank Tracking

Product Rank Tracking

Track every change in your product, including the listing quality differences. buy box changes and even monitor them for a course of time.

Customizable Alerts

Customizable Alerts

Want to get notified each time there is a change? SellerApp's customizable alerts keep you informed of every change in your business.

Optimize listings like how Amazon A9 favors

A9 is Amazon’s product ranking algorithm which displays the results depending on the search queries or keywords or queries used by users in Amazon’s search box. With SellerApp’s Amazon Rank Tracking tool, you can get the most accurate insights on your listing performance and also leverage the data-driven recommendations provided by the tool for listing optimization.

With daily updates to the keyword data, only the most accurate and reliable data is populated on your Keyword Tracking dashboard.

Keen towards tracking real-time keyword ranking updates? The SellerApp Chrome Extension replicates the data in your SellerApp Web Dashboard to equip with the products’ keyword data you are interested in, but real-time!

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Enhance Performance and Relevance Metrics

Amazon’s algorithms always make sure if your product has the potential to appear for a specific search query in the search results. For this, your listing must comprise all the relevant keywords from a search term to show up. Amazon searches for keywords in the following fields of your product listing content: Title, Description, Bullet points, and Backend keywords. If your listing is well-optimized and contains high-converting keywords, Amazon will automatically increase your product ranking. Not only that, Amazon also determines the keyword-specific ranking of your listing - how relevant your listing is. For this, Amazon checks the sales history of your listing, click-through rate (CTR), conversion rates (CR), and overall performance. The better your listing performs, the higher it will rank.

This is why you need the most powerful Amazon Rank Tracking tool that will optimize your product listing quality, improve its ranking and eventually elevate its conversion rates to rise above the competition.

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Sellers rank SellerApp #1 in E-commerce Enablement

Historical BSR Tracking with the Product Tracker

Automatically track the best seller rank of Amazon products as you track them for Product Intelligence. Unmatched product research & analysis with the SellerApp Amazon Sales Ranking Tools and Features.

Take a look at each shift in the ranking position with the projected sales and order volumes of each product you are tracking.

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15+ Features for All your Seller Needs

All your favorite Amazon analytics and research tools are integrated right onto one dashboard: Product search, Competitor Tracker, Keyword Research, Seller Watch, Amazon Sales Ranking Tool, Keyword Tracker, and PPC Analyzer. Used together, along with the best strategies, you are sure to set yourself on a winning path. Make more profits with the least effort.

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The fantastic part is the uptime and support. In the last 4 years we’ve rarely had any issue. The team delivered faster than our expectations, when we extended our requirements the 2nd time. We were up and running within a week.”

Erling Swift, COO


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