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Eg: B0721GGGS9, B07H7JFCVH

Listing Analysis

Listing Analysis

The key to a well optimized Amazon business strategy includes a brand focussed, converting listing copy. This Amazon listing analysis report points out all the errors you need to fix to gain those sales and conversions.

Best Practice Suggestions

Best Practice Suggestions

Worried if you are optimizing your Amazon listings the right way? Don't fret. Best practice suggestions and Amazon recommended listing standards to optimize Amazon listings in a way that generates the best conversions.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

Wondering how your competitors have better sales than you? Well, you don't really have to wonder anymore. Plug in the ASIN of your top competitor and the best sellers in your niche to dissect and analyze their listings.

Conversions + SEO Analysis

Conversions + SEO Analysis

This report shows you the exact areas that you need to work upon to create a compelling listing copy that not only converts to sales but also has the right keywords

If your Amazon listing isn't getting good conversions, this FREE listing analysis might have the answers for you.

SellerApp Tutorial

How to use Amazon Listing Quality Tool

How to use the Free Amazon Listing Optimization Tool ?

Copy paste the product ASIN or the Amazon product URL to the Amazon Listing Quality Check tool


ASIN is the 10-digit unique identifier associated with every product on Amazon.

Hit on the Search button to analyze the quality of the product listing


Choose the best sellers and top competitors to analyze their listing strategies.

How is our Listing Analyzer unique from the rest?

Our Listing Optimization approach combines search optimization along with conversion optimization so that you won’t just see a good listing, but increased results.

Amazon Listing Optimization is usually believed to be just the art, the method, of creating a highly converting listing copy to project the product in the most appealing manner by placing the text in the most readable. But listing optimization is not just that.

Listing Optimization is a beautiful combination of artistic and technical skill that can bring people onto your product listing at the same time have the power to convert them into a sale.


Discoverability - The Listing Visibility

When you create a great listing for your product brand, you need to make sure that your potential audience can find it. The right set of keywords both the backend and the front end, along with good search ranks influenced by other major factors affects the discoverability of the listing.

Discoverability analyzes the keywords and the search position of your Amazon product listing to ensure that its visible to people who intend to buy your product.

The right set of keywords both the backend and the front end, along with good search ranks influenced by other major factors affects the discoverability of the listing. A listing that cannot be found by your potential audience in a search is as good as a dead listing. Discoverability is the ‘findability’ of your listing to your shoppers.


On Page Factors - Desirability

Desirability Factors in the Seller App Listing Quality Analysis checks the on-page factors to ensure it could win a buy - meaning the listing has all the prescribed recipes to get a sale.

The top factors affecting the On Page listing factors

  • Product Title - Offering a quick overview of the product and its feature specifications
  • Bullet points - Comprehensive outlook into the best product features and its use cases
  • Description - Emphasises the product quality through the brand and its unique story
  • Social Proof - The online seller ratings and reviews offering first-hand customer usage
  • Image count - The only alternative to offer the touch and feel of your product to your customer


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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers? Check out our FAQs below!

  • What is Amazon Listing Quality Checker & Optimization Tool?

  • Does the Amazon Listing Optimization tool work for all the Amazon marketplaces?

  • What are the qualities of a good Amazon listing?

  • How to optimize Amazon Listings?

    • Getting a list of the top searched keywords you can compete for
    • Creating a compelling copy using these factors projecting the best brand value and the product quality complying Amazon guidelines and the best practices.
    ,Check out this blog post for a detailed guide to optimize Amazon Listings

  • How to fix an incomplete listing on Amazon?

    • In your Seller Central account, navigate to Inventory Tab > Manage Inventory
    • You’ll find a Suppressed section if there are suppressed listings
    • Choose the filter, say All Suppressed Listings, Images Suppressed, etc.
    ,In the Product Summary, the Suppressed Listings are indicated by a red exclamation mark. There could also be quality alerts indicated by a yellow indicator. ,Once you have resolved all these issues, click on save and finish.,If the issues are beyond factors that can be rectified by you, contact the Seller Central Team for help in resolving the issue.

  • How does Amazon decide the ranking of my products?

    • Conversion Rate/ Sales
    • Customer Satisfaction and Retention
    • Relevancy.
    • Description given for the product
    • Backend keywords used for selling the product

  • How important is adding bullet points for your product in description?

  • How does SellerApp help me in increasing my listing score on amazon?

  • How does Amazon Listing Quality Check tool of SellerApp work?

  • What is a product listing grader?

  • How can I know and compare the listing quality of my product with my competitors’ products?


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