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What IS Amazon’s Choice?

The technology hub, that is Amazon, is moving at a lightning speed and becoming a household name. the same reason Alexa, Amazon’s technological unit personal assistant that was developed by Amazon Lab 126, became a familiar name to the tech-savvy and not so tech-savvy alike. Now the features that can be enabled through Alexa and other dot devices are skyrocketing. In the wake of this phenomenon, Amazon’s Choice is introduced where the personal assistant device can order items for you. The role played by Amazon’s choice is that the product having the badge of Amazon’s Choice will get preference in being suggested by Alexa and other devices to the customers.

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What are the privileges that come along with being Amazon’s Choice?

Being Amazon’s Choice is undoubtedly like winning a medal for the sellers. The sellers who have these badge have emerged as the top class agents in the largest virtual market. The badge also promises more than merely a fancy addition of category; it highlights the brand value of the product is backed by a business giant like Amazon. This is in addition to the promised increase in an expanded market as Echo owners and others will receive these brands as top suggestions.

The variables which are assumed to be taken into consideration while curating a product as Amazon’s Choice are product ratings, reviews, price, and availability; this choice is a testimony of the quality and quantity of products chosen as Amazon’s Choice.

How does a seller get Amazon’s Choice Badge?

It is a commonly known fact that Amazon mostly curates larger brands as Amazon’s choice. However, it is a possibility that this might extend to smaller merchants in future. The Amazon’s Choice feat is a fine balance between Amazon ensuring the best experience for the customer and promoting brands curated under Amazon’s Choice.

While Amazon’s Choice is usually limited to Prime-eligible items, there is an exception made for apparel, jewellery, shoes, and watches. While a seller cannot apply to be curated as Amazon’s Choice, the chances to become one increases with ticking boxes like Prime-eligibility, being most recently purchased by customers, having the trust of the buyers, and logistical accuracy.

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