Windscreen Supply Co

Strategic advertising optimization and advanced keyword research to expand a brand

A well-reputed brand on the Amazon marketplace set its sights on scaling new heights with Amazon Sponsored Ads.
Windscreen Supply co


MoM increase in ad sales


MoM increase in overall sales


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Reduction in ACoS

The first step was the optimized product ad mix to convert at the efficiency desired. The next step was a negative keyword strategy to minimize search query overlap between campaigns, keywords, and bids to better control CPCs.

The Company

Windscreen Supply Co., is a direct to manufacturer company, based out of California that offers Windscreens, Mesh Tarps, Sound Control Barriers, and Accessories. Their products are designed to create privacy or for blockage for a fence or any work site.

The company’s focus is on manufacturing quality products to meet your everyday needs. All their items are carefully manufactured and inspected prior to shipping which contributed to their markedly strong performance in Q2, following which they sought to accelerate the growth of their budding Amazon business in Q4.

The Problem

The owners of Windscreen Supply Co. attempted to scale their spending at the beginning of Q3. However, the company ran into challenges with efficiency. To address these challenges and help scale advertising results, Windscreen Supply Co partnered with SellerApp.

Difficulity in Managing & Scaling Advertising Efficiency

The success of SellerApp's campaigns has given a boost to the company's growth. SellerApp is the first marketing solution used by us and looking at its success in driving growth and efficiency, we plan to invest more in analytics-based decisions”

Charles, Owner
Windscreen Supply Co

Our Approach

Optimizing the right keywords was one of the main business objectives. With this in mind, SellerApp conducted exhaustive keyword research to effectively help Windscreen Supply Co drive targeted ads.

With keyword optimization for every product mix, the pay-per-click ads were set up to target better keywords resulting in more engagement and conversions from paid search. This strategy helped bring down the ACoS considerably.

On a regular basis, SellerApp also monitored inventory levels with timely alerts to avoid a stock-out at crucial times. The platform’s timely business alerts on low inventory levels helped stay on track and maintain the sales momentum.

SellerApp`s Keyword Harvesting & MatchType Optimization