Small Businesses

Small Businesses Drive 3X Sales Sales in the First 90 Days with SellerApp’s Campaign Structuring and Smart Automation

Learn how Birdie Girl Golf, Pet2Go, and HWL Brand tackled their challenges using SellerApp’s Campaign Structuring and Smart Automation. This tailored approach helped them streamline their advertising efforts, boosting their ad revenue by 3X in just 90 days, while connecting deeply with their target audiences.
SellerApp`s Automation Strategy for small business

The Small Businesses in Question

Birdie Girl Golf

Birdie Girl Golf is a female-owned Golf Accessories business that primarily offers golf accessories. It’s the brainchild of a Division 1 golfer Lindzee from Boise, Idaho who wanted to share the love of the sport with other women.


Pet2Go is a family-run business with a passion for dogs. They craft premium dog travel water bottles, marrying functionality with elegant design to express their deep love for pups and dedication to quality.

HWL Brands

HWL Brand is a company that offers a wide range of products including fridge organizers, toys, and supplements. Among its varied portfolio, several items have become bestsellers, with the Structure Building Kit Toy standing out as the most popular.


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The Challenge

Although the three small businesses sold completely different products, their primary challenge was market readiness due to poorly structured ad campaigns. Despite having market-ready listings, they lacked this essential PPC component.

For example, a single campaign targeting 100 keywords or ASINs led to significant wasted ad spend and minimal profit, or campaigns were set up haphazardly, resulting in zero sales and a total loss of ad budgets.

Specifically, these businesses needed to improve existing campaigns, increase ad revenue, and decrease ACoS on a limited budget. Additionally, all three brands were relatively new to Amazon PPC's advanced intricacies, hindering their ability to scale or plan effectively.

Of course, each brand had unique challenges to overcome. For instance, HWL operated in a saturated market with competitors who sold the same product but had greater market share, better reviews, and higher ratings.

To reach a wider audience in global marketplaces

SellerApp’s Campaign Structuring + Smart Automation Approach

SellerApp’s team of Amazon experts audited all three accounts and determined that pausing existing campaigns and setting up new ones with better nomenclature, targeting practices, and bids would be the most effective strategy to improve ad revenue.

Additionally, these brands had founders who worked full-time jobs and had limited budgets, so a hands-on approach was not feasible. They needed a method to automate the PPC process effectively.

SellerApp’s Smart Automation was the perfect solution. Using SellerApp’s AI was like adding rockets to a well-tuned car. The AI meticulously conducted its own audit of the newly structured campaigns and developed a comprehensive set of actions based on extensive data analysis.

Over 90 days, the combination of good campaign structuring and smart AI reduced bids for underperforming ads, such as those with clicks but no orders. It also boosted bids for ad groups with limited budgets and high visibility.

This approach decreased ad spend, improved visibility, and ensured overall profitability for the businesses.

Brand-specific problems were also addressed. With proper campaign structuring and smart automation optimizing bids, SellerApp significantly increased impressions, CTR, and overall sales. This elevated market share for products that initially had no standout features compared to competitors.


The Results are In

SellerApp’s campaign restructuring and smart automation effectively resolved critical performance bottlenecks, by optimizing underperforming targets that were draining ad spend from the start of the campaigns.

As a result of these strategic improvements, the three accounts experienced a significant boost in overall visibility, with impressions increasing by an impressive +240.57%. This surge in visibility translated into remarkable growth and market share, achieving a 3X increase in revenue within just 90 days.

Additionally, there was a substantial +263.82% increase in ad revenue and a notable average reduction in ACoS by -38.527%.

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