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Seamlessly integrate all your products, fulfillment centers, and sales channels into one platform. So whether you’re selling DTC, through wholesale, marketplaces, or all of that and more, you can always be exactly where your customer is. Our powerful automation tools proactively generate POs and forecasts, identify the best shipping deals, and find new opportunities for cost-cutting and profitability - all by themselves

Beyond eliminating human error, they also save you valuable human time, boost your margins, bottom line, and organizational efficiency with obsessively detailed data on every individual SKU and operation. Combined with our predictive analytics, you can forecast your growth with total clarity and confidence.

About our partnership with SellerApp

Get your inventory managed efficiently with Skubana, never run low on stock, and keep your customers happy with Skubana’s smart inventory management. Run the right ads and optimize your product content with SellerApp’s tools and always keep your product sales and deliveries on point!

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Inventory Management, Order Management


Automated Purchasing

Analytics & Profitability Reporting (including COGS)

Unified Customer Data (based on cross-channel orders)