Superfood Brand Sattviko uses powerful advertising strategies to increase their Conversion rates

The globally acclaimed Superfoods company Sattviko on Amazon wanted to increase its sales and traffic across the Amazon marketplace
SellerApp`s Innovative Video Advertisng Strategy for Sattviko


Increase in impressions between June - Oct


Increase in clicks


Sales within six months.



Since launching Sponsored ads with the help of SellerApp, Sattviko witnessed a drastic transformation in their impressions and sales.

The Company

Sattviko is an Indian packaged superfood company whose products are made from naturally sourced raw materials and processed with modern technologies that preserve their nutrients. With a view to encouraging people to inculcate healthy food habits, their products are packed with the freshness of India`s traditional food knowledge while retaining the tastes of the modern world.

In June 2021, Sattviko partnered with SellerApp, an all-inclusive e-commerce data intelligence agency to scale their Amazon business and bring about a global Indian superfood revolution.

The Problem

People’s growing awareness towards eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle has given a monumental boost to the superfood category. The market value of superfoods is expected to cross well over $200 billion globally within the next four years.

This is why Sattviko wanted to leverage this paradigm shift in people’s preferences for healthy plant-based foods. They wanted to adopt innovative DSP strategies to increase their visibility on off-page Amazon and reach out to the global audience in the quickest way possible. They also needed a strategic approach in creating Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brand ads that could increase their reach and improve their sales drastically.

To reach a wider audience in global marketplaces

The capability of Sponsored Video ads was something we hadn’t given much weightage to. SellerApp, along with their data-driven decisions and proven results, showed us how instrumental they can be in driving sales and revolutionizing the way you advertise on Amazon.”

Ankush Sharma
Co-founder | Sattviko

Our Approach

With the help of SellerApp’s data points, Sattviko leveraged this paradigm shift in people’s preferences for healthy plant-based foods. By adopting innovative video advertising strategies based on Sattviko’s multiple best-sellers in their home market in India, their visibility increased and they were able to reach a wider audience in global marketplaces.

SellerApp aggressively deployed new formats of Sponsored Video campaigns to correlate advertising with organic search visibility while launching Sattviko on the Amazon US marketplace. With a target ACoS of 30%, both auto and manual campaigns were being run and their effectiveness was measured every day to understand the customer perspective.

SellerApp’s automation algorithms and keyword harvesting helped Sattviko discover new opportunities in the biggest retail market in the world. It also skyrocketed their sales and engagement while effectively lowering ACoS.

SellerApp’s automation algorithms and keyword harvesting