Sabco Packaging

Sabco Packaging uses SellerApp’s Smart Automation AI to achieve a 13.34% increase in ad revenue in 45 days.

Discover how packaging company Sabco leveraged SellerApp's cutting-edge Smart Automation feature to efficiently optimize and run campaigns on autopilot.
SellerApp`s Automation Strategy for sabco


Sabco Packaging leads the industry with premium packaging solutions customized to meet their customer’s standards. Their product line includes paper bags, mailing bags, grip seal bags, polythene bags, and colored tissue paper.

By partnering with SellerApp and using its Smart AI Automation, Sabco Packaging achieved a remarkable 13.34% increase in ad revenue in just 45 days, all accomplished effortlessly without lifting a finger.


Increase in Clicks


Increase in CTR


Increase in Impressions

The Challenge To Overcome

The owner of the well-established company realized the necessity to delegate her Amazon PPC management, as manually handling a thousand campaigns became overwhelmingly challenging.

Her primary objective was to step back from the day-to-day operations and prioritize spending time with her children, all while ensuring the continued growth of her business.

Most crucially, the business owner sought a sustainable solution to optimize and refine her existing campaign structures without substantially increasing the ad spend.

Furthermore, she wanted a solution that didn’t lose out on potential sales due to human limitations such as identifying effective targets and taking the right actions at the right time.

To reach a wider audience in global marketplaces

SellerApp’s Smart Automation Solution

SellerApp’s AI meticulously audited Sabco's account and campaign performance, generating a comprehensive set of actions based on extensive data analysis across all 1000 campaigns.

This AI Automation executed its algorithm-based optimization, ensuring the account was primed for success.

Over 45 days, the Smart Automation AI fine-tuned bids for each campaign, strategically reducing bids for underperforming ads with clicks but no orders, while boosting bids for targets with limited budgets yet high visibility.

Moreover, SellerApp’s AI implemented various other strategies based on diverse criteria to decrease wasted ad spend, enhance visibility, and adjust bids in alignment with product selling prices, ensuring optimal profitability for the business.

The Results are In

SellerApp’s Smart Automation solution effectively utilized its algorithm to execute a series of actions, including pausing underperforming targets that had been draining ad spend since the inception of the campaign, among other tasks.

Consequently, Sabco Packaging experienced a significant uptick in orders, nearly by 16.4%, and boosted ad revenue from £62,949 to £71,340 within just 45 days, all achieved without human intervention.

Moreover, the account witnessed remarkable engagement growth, with a notable increase of +27.2% in Clicks, a +5.88 Increase in CTR, and a substantial +20.14% Increase in Impressions.

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