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You shouldn’t have to spend months or thousands of dollars on consumer research. With PickFu, Amazon sellers can gather feedback from their target audience and start optimizing that same day. Test your product images, descriptions, ads, and even videos with shoppers who reflect your target demographic, whether Amazon Prime members or dog-walking millennials. Using PickFu is as simple as asking a question; we handle the rest.

About Partnership with SellerApp

PickFu and SellerApp help Amazon sellers harness the power of data to build and grow their business. Sellers turn to PickFu to identify and understand what their target audience needs. By polling potential customers on everything from product concepts to marketing copy — and getting in-depth feedback in a fraction of the time of traditional market research — sellers put themselves one step ahead in the marketplace. They stay ahead with SellerApp’s suite of tools for keyword insights, PPC automation, and sales analytics.

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