Eco-poly Finish brand Eco safety Products leverages powerful advertising strategies to increase their Brand Awareness

The popular eco-poly finish and sealer company on Amazon wanted to increase its brand awareness across the Amazon marketplace
Executing Powerful Advertising Strategies to Gain Brand Awareness


Increase in impressions between April - May 2020


Increase in clicks


Sales within six months.


PPC revenue

Since launching Sponsored ads with the help of SellerApp, Eco Safety Products witnessed a drastic transformation in their CTRs and conversion rates.

The Company

Eco Safety Products is a well-known eco-poly finish and sealer manufacturing company whose products resonate with sustainability, eco-friendliness and toxin-free. With a view to encouraging people to create healthy spaces, their products have all the qualities to foster beautiful environments for people and pets through zero-toxin branded eco-poly products and sealers.

In 2020, Eco safety partnered with SellerApp, an all-inclusive e-commerce data intelligence agency to upscale their Amazon business holistically and introduce a sustainable revolution of long-lasting and environment-friendly poly products.

The Problem

The primary concerns of Eco Safety Products were not having high-converting keywords due to which they lost their sales to competitors who ranked below them. They wanted to get more exposure with the help of Amazon PPC advertisements to build brand identity, optimize their listings with relevant keywords, bid on the right keywords, and finally, reach out to new customers. Their primary goal was that of customer acquisition and boost overall orders and revenue.

They also needed a strategic approach in its audience strategy and creative execution of their campaigns. With the launch of their new products, the company wanted to engage different segments of customers, and to grow their brand association within their product niche.

Exposure with Amazon PPC Ads to Build Brand Identity

SellerApp’s tools have helped me advertise my listings successfully on Amazon and also helped me improve my listing SEO. What I wanted was an all-in-one Amazon tool, and SellerApp has connected all the dots for me. I have benefited from both their free extensions and as well as paid ones. Their support team is also very quick and responsive. I`d recommend this to anybody selling in the Amazon marketplace.”

John Bennett
Eco Safety Products

Our Approach

SellerApp organized their PPC campaign structure that was in sync with the industry-best practices and created goal-based and product-driven ad groups. This included bidding on the highest-performing keywords, fine-tuning existing campaigns, and targeting to boost conversions. They also implemented customized strategies to reach a new audience and amplify the market share during the holiday season.

They also shortlisted the most relevant keywords for their product listings and enhanced their product content. After frequent optimization, the brand saw a huge improvement in the organic rankings of products for the targeted keywords. Therefore, the share of their organic sales in total sales also grew substantially.

Working with SellerApp also enabled them to leverage unique insights to reach new audiences for the crossover category. This PPC campaign supported the successful launch of their new product category by increasing brand awareness and purchase intent.

Structured PPC Campaign with goal based & Product driven Ad groups