Streamlining the PPC campaigns of a card manufacturing brand

A card maker ventured into the e-commerce space with SellerApp’s extensive end-to-end guidance for scaling on Amazon.
Streamlining the PPC campaigns for Cardology


Increase in sales


Growth in PPC revenue.


Reduction in ad spend


Growth in sales MoM

There was a huge improvement in the organic rankings of products for the targeted keywords. Therefore, the share of the organic sales in total sales grew substantially over a period of 3 months. With the budget saved, the company reinvested and experimented with new ad types.

The Company

Founded in 2014, Cardology is a UK-based family-run business that offers creative 3D pop-up cards, special event cards, officially licensed Warner Bros, Friends cards, and art prints with the wow factor.

Co-founder Dipa Shah and her team take inspiration from the latest and emerging trends in British culture to create unique cards that leave a long-lasting impression. Their magical take on the traditional card market has also built them a good celebrity following. With a strong retail presence, they are now making quite the name in the e-commerce space.

The Problem

Before the association, Cardology was a veteran brick-and-mortar store. They had recently made the shift to eCommerce selling as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic adversely affecting offline businesses. Their primary goal was to cut down wasted ad spend and scale their eCommerce revenue overall.

They knew that advertising and innovation will help them get ahead of the competition but didn’t have a roadmap on the best way to achieve it. This predicament was an opportunity for them to find a strategic growth partner. That’s when they turned to SellerApp to scale their revenue on Amazon.

Issues in Investing & Managing its Campaigns

SellerApp developed advanced advertising strategies and implemented them at a remarkable pace. Working with SellerApp has been great as you become part of a bigger all-inclusive team that listens to you and works according to your business goals. I would definitely recommend SellerApp to everyone!”

Dipa Shah
Founder | Cardology Ltd

Our Approach

An essential part of advertising is telling the brand’s story in a way to spike the shopper’s interests and strengthen their positioning. So SellerApp launched Sponsored Brand ads in August 2020 after the success of Sponsored Product ads. SellerApp organized Cardology’s campaign structure with industry best practices and created goal-based and product-driven campaigns. This included but was not limited to adding negative keywords, fine-tuning existing campaigns, and targeting to boost conversions and customized strategies to reach a new audience and amplify the market share during all celebratory occasions.

SellerApp also worked out strategies to amplify Cardology’s presence and sales on Amazon by leveraging A+ content and Sponsored Video ads. Video ads were not yet available at the time in the Amazon UK marketplace. However, in anticipation of its availability in the next two months, SellerApp worked with Cardology to launch video ads as soon as the option was provided to UK sellers. This made Cardology one of the first to have Sponsored Video ads and it boosted their engagement and conversions significantly.

The Sponsored Brand ads helped Cardology reach new audiences, increase brand awareness, capture more shoppers, and re-engage customers at different funnel stages. As a result, there was a 20% increase in sales from loyal customers, especially during Valentine’s week.

Goal Based and Product Driven campaigns for Conversions